Friday, 13 November 2015

3 Year Hairniversary!!

Yaaaaay.....and I'm glad I started! After 3 years, I'm all smiley cos the whole journey has been worth it. I've not only grown longer and thicker hair, but I've made some awesome friends and started a business alongside. I dream of bigger and better things, all because of my hair journey. 

I texlaxed a few days ago and as usual had a lot of texture left in ...a little more than I wanted but there will be another relaxer day in the future and hopefully, I can stretch it out more. My focus has changed and I am more keen on thickness than growth; though having both will be awesome. Hheheehehhehe....makes me smile too wide each time I dream of thick, long, fabulous texlaxed tresses. 

It has been such an awesome hair journey. I've had my share of setbacks and challenges...I still have a lot of relaxed hair to get rid of as I began texlaxing last year and absolutely intend to be fully texlaxed by the end of my 4th year on my HHJ. 

I've learnt more each day as my hair gets longer to keep it in low to no manipulation styles to reduce breakage. I've discovered amazing products such as T444Z Hair Food, Manetabolism Vitamins, Groganics range of products and Vitamins, Afroriri range of products, Vitale and ORS range of products that I love and still use whenever I have the opportunity, just to mention a few; that grow, strengthen and maintain my strands and keep them healthy looking. 

The Wash Day Experience
To all ladies growing their hair along with me, Never Give Up!! And to you my awesome readers, each time I look at my pages views, I am so encouraged to keep going despite the frustrations because I have your support. Thanks you so much for your support and prayers, and well wishes......and let's keep growing together. Everything I do, I do for you!! 




When did you start your hair journey? 

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