Saturday, 17 May 2014

Hair Update: 4 Weeks Post

Surprised? Time really flies! 

I am 4 weeks post now and just trying hard to forget about my hair. I've had these loc extensions for 2 weeks but I am mighty bored already. I was hoping I could keep these in for at least 6 weeks but I'm not too sure now. 

I'm trying my best to keep my hair moisturised with the ghe method and I spray with my moisturising mix everyday. I have washed my extensions thrice so far and will wash again tomorrow. I had wanted to wash every 2 weeks but I find that my scalp begins to itch about 4 days after I have washed.

After a long break, I'm back on multivitamin tablets. I wanted to buy Pregnacare but my pharmacist recommended Prowoman instead as I weaned my son. I will take it religiously and see how it helps with my shedding. I'm not particularly fond of pills except when pregnant or breastfeeding but the last thing I want is to lose my hair to a point where I have to cut it all off. If these pills would help until my post-partum shedding stops, I would be too happy!


Friday, 2 May 2014

New Protective Style: Loc Extensions

armpit length relaxed hairI just figured my post-partum shedding woes may no end so soon so the best thing to do was to keep my hair  in a long term protective style; hidden away from my ever-manipulating hands. I decided to get yarn locs.

Once at the salon, the thread was cut and parted ready for installation. At the last minute, I changed my mind and asked if any other extension could be used for the locs apart from the yarn. You should have seen how my face lighted up when she said "Yes". I remembered how I had 3 consecutive sleepless nights the first time I tried the yarn locs and just didn't want that again. So, I agreed to pay for the yarn because it had been shred already. That cost 6ghs but I didnt mind because she installed yarn braids for my daughter when I had to travel and upon undoing it, I realised my daughter didn't lose much hair. So, this hairdresser is really for keeps. Double-packed. Now she can install long term braids for my daughter too which would really help me as hair wash days are marathons. My daughter is 3 years old now. She loves it when I wash her hair, but getting it in plaits is a different story. I only work with her hair wet and after deep conditioning. It is super soft always but she just likes it when I have to chase her around to get her hair done.  My weekends are very busy now. Besides, hairdresser told me she was such a good girl. I believe because my daughter kept asking when I got her braids undone if we were going to the!

kid's afro haircareblack girl with long hairblack girl with long hair

2 pack of Darling mesh (as we call it ) were used to install my locs. I simply looooooooooooooved it!! Painless, simple, beautiful, so much accessibility to my scalp. I got home rather late, after 10 pm as she did the installation alone. She had apprentices but they were yet to master the skill so she just let them watch. It took about 8 hours from start to finish. My hair is pretty long and the method used it threading. The locs were pretty long, but as she completed one loc in the front, I was quick to notice my hair was longer than the place where she ended it. She had to unravel a few and thread it a few inches more. 

 yarn loc extensions

I am hopeful that most of my hair was all threaded up because the ends were burnt so if I had hair beyond her knots, they are dead news now. Well, I do have a big trim to do in July so I'm not too bothered. I don't like the thin ends too much though it is hardly noticeable as I don't wear my hair down. This style cost 11ghs for the Darling, 30ghs for the service...41ghs (15usd) in all . I really hope to keep this in for at least 6 weeks. 

How do you keep your braids in for more than 4 weeks? I just get bored after 3 weeks. Help!


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