Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Length Check 2

I was so excited about my length check shirt that I decided to do a length check on Sunday...(started writing this post 2 days ago). I had begun my prepoo on Friday and washed my hair on Saturday. I applied Vitale Mayonnaise before applying my oil mix and left it in overnight.

vitale deep conditioning

My hair felt soft and silky smooth afterwards. Though Vitale mayonnaise has protein in it, it really makes my hair soft and smooth after rinsing it out. I scolded myself a bit for having left it to the background for a while. It is one of the products I will definitely buy again. I did a tea rinse infused with rosemary for the first time. I forgot to strain the solution and by the time I was done, my bathroom drain was clogged. Thank goodness I placed a drain cover on it some months ago after it got totally clogged with hair some months ago. I simply removed the cover and emptied it of the hair and rosemary leaves...... I'd try to remember to strain it next time.

faux bob hairstyle

I did a faux bun style for church and couldn't wait to let my hair down to see how much progress I have made since my trims. I am currently 10 weeks post relaxer aiming for 12-16 weeks though I may relax any day from now if I think I would be better off relaxing than waiting.

Ghanaian hair blogger

I am still struggling with mid-section tangles. I am trying to figure out if it is to be blamed totally on the texlaxed middle. It tangles again within hours of detangling so I am still just wearing my wigs so I do not need to comb except on wash days!! When I apply creme of nature argan oil leave in and hawaiian silky  14-in-1 moisturiser, I detangle more easily but within hours, if left loose, it tangles again. I just don't know what to do!! Maybe my hair just wants to stay in protective styles.

armpit length relaxed hair

armpit length relaxed hair

I love my progress so far. My ends are not as thin as before and I may be able to get away without trimming too much if I do well to keep the ends well protected and reduce breakage to the barest minimum. I still see that see-through 2 inches or so but it doesn't look as terrible as before. Probably means my hair is really growing faster and the shorter healthier ones are getting closer to the longer ones. I do like the threaded hair underneath my wig and I do wash, moisturise and seal anyways in it so all things being equal, I hope to get through the next 2 weeks at least without the challenge of detangling everyday.

I have also decided to do the green house effect overnight every other day this week and I will skip my mid-week wash and see how my hair reacts. I will only wash my hair again at the end of the week. I hope my hair doesn't disapprove.

How do you protect your ends from breaking off?


Friday, 24 January 2014

Pre Wash Day

I have not combed my hair in a whole week. I am pretty scared my hair may be matted underneath. I just sincerely hope it is not as bad as I presume. I did my last wash while my hair was still threaded and though the threads became loose, I still left it in and moisturised and sealed as it was.

deep conditioning

My hair needs to get a balance between protein and moisture; and having skipped a protein conditioner last week, I intend to do a medium protein deep condition. I will use Vitale Mayonnaise mixed with coconut and grapeseed oil overnight in my hair. I want to try deep conditioning overnight again and will obeserve more carefully how my hair responds.

This wash day will definitely be completed tomorrow as I will get home after 9pm today. 

Do you deep condition overnight?


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

All Threaded and Tucked Away

 Been a while folks!! Missed ya too. 

I have been trying hard to manipulate my hair less each week and since I have still no intention of letting anyone do my hair for now; no braids or cornrows even with my own hair, I decided to thread it up. That is the only option I could figure out that could give me room to wash and care for my hair as well without combing it at all. 

african threadingafrican threading

So as I was preparing to wash my hair on Saturday, sectioning and oiling for my prepoo, it suddenly occurred to me to just thread the sections up. Within minutes, I was done. Quick, easy and painless. My grin was as wide as the ocean.....honestly. I really felt good about my new hairstyle. Like an African princess!! It reminded me of those days when my mum used to thread my hair up for school.... hahhaahaaaahha!! 

african threading

I loved it so much that I walked around the neighborhood in it. And then I went shopping about 10 minutes away and was asked by 2 young ladies if my hair was natural. I said, "It's relaxed but natural"..........*wide-smile*.

On my way back home, I spotted a cosmetic shop that had a lot of wigs in the showcase and decided to pop in. I had intentions of stocking up on some more wigs as I will braid less this year. I tried out a lot of wigs but the only one that could tame my horns underneath without extra work was this afro wig. Yeah....I just loved it when I tried it on and just didn't think twice about buying it. Besides, it was very cheap. Just 40ghs ($ 18).

wig regimen

I do know that big hair is the in-thing now but I still love this afro wig right here. And I intend to wear it 2 weeks at a time before switching to the other wig I have. Hhehheheehehe ......my colleagues said I look 16......hhahaahahahhahahhahahhah!! I do want to look 16 ...they better not be teasing oooooooo.... :)

Have you tried African threading?


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Care to Share: Meet Priscilla!

Hello! My name is Priscilla Dwomoh. A lot of people just call me Maame, though. I am a university graduate who is currently undertaking her national service. I love food, good music, my BFF, and of course, hair!

Tell us about your hair : I am currently transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair and I am one year into my transition already. Yay!! My hair is of the highly porous, thick stranded, medium density variety. It is a tad protein sensitive and just thrives on moisture. It responds well to thick butters and creams and absolutely hates gels. It is gradually warming up to me and soon we’ll be friends! Lol!!


Tell us about your hair journey ….. when you started: Officially, my journey started on the 12th of January 2013 but that’s just to put a date to it. I initially decided to transition because I really didn’t like the way hairdressers here handled hair. I felt they were killing my hair and I wasn’t allowed to say anythingL. So when I discovered transitioning was an option, I literally had a “Hallelujah!” moment. Even before I decided to transition, I had been inadvertently stretching my relaxers for the sole reason that I hated my hairdressers. I stretched 3, 4 months at a time just so I could avoid them. Plus they were sooooo scissor-happy!! Sheesh! Anyway, when I decided to transition I had about 3 months’ worth of new growth. Also around that time, I had become curious about hair colour. So on my official start date, I relaxed and dyed my hair. And I cut it evenly to top of neck length. Notice the relaxing and dyeing took place the same day? Humph! That’s what you get when your stylist doesn’t know enough to be able to advice you on how damaging that is. SMH!! So yeah, that’s why we’re here one year later. Woohoo!

Your regimen, preferably daily, weekly or monthly: My regimen is quite simple. I try to moisturise and seal every day (Naturally, I skip some days). I used to wash and deep condition weekly but I recently decided to tweak that. So now I go 2 weeks if my hair doesn’t feel dirty after a week. I do an ACV rinse every time I take out a protective style. And that’s it I think. O, and I’m constantly experimenting twists and updo styles. I try one every week or so if I can and my hair is out. I’m obsessed with updo’s. Unfortunately my hair not so long yet so there’s not a lot I can try. But soon…. O yes, soon……   

     Products you use: LOL! I think it should be products I’ve settled on, rather. I am a recovering product junkie and there’s so much in my stash as you can see and that’s just about half of it. But after trying so many, there are quite a few I’ve settled on;

       Shampoo – Gliss by Swarzkopf Oil Nutritive Shampoo with Liquid keratin and protein
       Regular conditioner – VO5 and Garnier Fructus Conditioner 
              Leave in conditioner – Giovanni
     Deep conditioner – Vitale hair mayonnaise. I do not use this alone however. I mix it with honey, regular conditioner, some oils, and coconut milk if I have that on hand. 
            Moisturiser – Water, some oils and sometimes aloe Vera juice. 
        Oils – any I can get my hand on. I currently have olive, castor, black castor, jojoba, amla, vitamin e, grapeseed and coconut oils.  
             Essential oils – Peppermint and Grape fruit 
             Gels – None I care to mention. They don’t work for me 
              Butters – Whipped Shea butter and Elasta qp Olive oil and Mango butter moisturiser 
            Styling creams – My butters double as my styling creams. They are very moisturising but have no hold for my hair type. So my twists don’t last long unless I keep redoing themL. I can’t seem to find any to buy so I welcome all suggestions for this category


Your ultimate and December goals: My goal for this December is have hair that extends to my chin from my crown. Lol! I know that’s not a regular description but that’s exactly what my heart desires. Ultimately, BSL would just make me ecstatic! And if that doesn’t turn out too well, I guess I’ll always have healthy hair to compensate.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Wash Day: Hot Oil Treatment

I had been skipping hot oil treatments for a long while now. My ends were looking so dull and thirsty, coupled with my big tangling woes; it really was time to infuse some moisture deeply into my strands. I felt the strong need to give my hair a treat.

A hot oil treatment is a process to help condition, restore moisture and treat damaged hair by heating up an oil (or mixture of oils) and applying directly to the hair. Heat can be added by covering head with a shower cap and sitting under a hooded dryer for 15-30 minutes. This can be done on damp hair or dry hair as some prefer to shampoo before applying the oil.

Yesterday was another marathon wash day as I was juggling chores and babies and work. I just couldn't do it all at once. Once I had heated up and applied the oil, I covered my head with some plastic bags and a shower cap. After some hours, I finally got myself under the hooded dryer and sat for 15 minutes. Once out, I did a few chores before I proceeded to wash as usual. I did a black tea rinse and did a homemade protein treatment with an  egg ...hehhehhhee...something I saw on a vlog and decided to try (details later). 
It was very late at the time I got to rollersetting. After the first 2 rollers, I decided I was tired and wouldn't continue but rather airdry. Detangling was still a challenge. I sat for a long while lazily chatting on whatsapp....and then I decided to complete the rollerset. Took 30 minutes!!  Once done, I sat under the dryer for 30 minutes.

My hair was completely dry...but not crisp as I don't like that anymore. I just massaged in my T444Z hair food, moisturised with Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 (thanks Rubie!) and sealed with Ghanaian black castor oil. I wrapped it up for the night and styled it this morning.

 I loved my wash day results and though I still have a few inches of "old" hair to cut off. I will cut it off in full confidence that it will grow right back!! I also have to figure out a way to even out the bangs I got as it makes the right side of my hair way shorter than the rest.

For me, I will always tuck my ends in no matter what. 90% protective styling as I want to retain as much length as possible. I am not too far from my end of year goal and I don't want setbacks anymore.

Have you tried hot oil treatments?


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Back to my Wig

I had been struggling so much with my new growth that I found the best thing right now is to leave it alone. I don't suffer severe breakage but my new growth is so dense and doesn't want to be tamed by the ORS moisturiser I'm using. 

I did the inversion again this month, and massage T444Z Hair Food 3 times a week on my scalp. My curls usually loosen with the use of T444Z but though it looks very curly to the eye, it is quite a strong host of coils to deal with. Feels very strong. I love the fact that I don't get much breakage but in order not to be complacent, I decided to just wear my wigs till I restock my Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracle Worker.

I put my hair in 4 large plaits as usual and I will carry out my wash regimen the same way. I am currently 7 weeks post and though I had wanted to stretch 16 weeks, I have decided that I will rather just texlax my hair once I have up to 2 inches of new growth. That would be 4 months worth of growth on average. Won't be bad at all if I find that I do have 2 inches of growth in 2 months!!

I measured a shed hair 3 days ago *covers face*. The new growth when stretched was 1.3 inches long......since I wasn't done with inversion, I guess it was ok. I don't want to stress myself too much measuring each strand of hair that falls off my head but I was just too curious not to grab the tape measure and measure.....lol!!

I'm getting hair-obssessed. Am I not already?

Do you know your hair growth rate? 


Sunday, 5 January 2014

My War Against Tangles Begins

The smiles from texlaxing on my last relaxer day and looking forward to more volume on my face is fading as I found that I won't have it all rosy especially on wash days now. Now I have 3 textures to deal with....my new growth, my texlaxed bit and my relaxed ends. I found that my puff got bigger with this wash and my hair  simply refused to lay down. Not just puff from my new growth but from my texlaxed roots as well. I had to keep it in my scarf to get it to lay a bit while it was 50% dry.

Unfortunately, my hair is getting all tangled up somehow even after I detangled twice. It all clamps together into knots and as I detangle, my hair breaks a little. I prepooed with hemp oil for almost a day before I washed so I was a little surprised at the way my hair was acting all naughty. I hadn't done a tea rinse in a whole month so I guess it could be one of the reasons. I did a tea rinse with this wash and will continue to do weekly tea rinses. We'll see.

I used ORS Incredibly Rich Moisturizing Lotion but it did little for me. It didn't give my hair enough slip. I found that the price of Hawaiian Silky had been increased in the shop I usually stocked from so I couldn't buy the last time I went to town...I was on a really tight budget that day and thought I could use ORS moisturiser in the meantime because I had no intention to take down my braids until mid-January...bad decision I see now. I also find that Kuza cholesterol is more protein than moisturising though the ingredients list has more moisturising ingredients.  I will use it for protein treatments henceforth to finish the jar which is half gone. I will still use it because it does give enough slip when used during my wash. 
(My review of ORS Moisturiser and Kuza Cholesterol coming soon).

Shrinkage...I've learnt to embrace it.

Even a relaxed head like mine does experience shrinkage when I aridry but considering that I will not wear my hair down at all this year; so help me God, I really don't mind. 

Airdrying is becoming my favourite thing in the world.

My main task is to find quick and easy updos for my busy lifestyle because I am clueless at the moment. I always held my hair in a comb-like hair band and let my ends hang, except for the few days I did a sock bun...a total NO-NO for me this year. I will do my best to hide my ends for the most part of the year (Yaaaaaaaaaay, finally bought me some bobby pins) and I have no intention of getting braids, weaves or cornrows for now. For days on which I am unable to think up a good style or complete my wash routine, I will wear my wig. I need to buy more wigs and hair accessories if I really want to achieve these goals.

What is your favourite protective hairstyle with your own hair?


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Braids Out: Ready to Detangle!!

I took out my box braids yesterday after 4 weeks instead of the intended 6 weeks I had wanted to keep it in. The knots between the new growth and the relaxed ends were getting pretty tight so I got scared. I have too much new growth underneath and I don't want to lose too much hair this time. Time flies...I am *6 weeks 4 days post already............*wide grin*

detangling after braid removal

braid removalThough I washed my braids twice a week, sprayed it with my moisturising mix everyday and did the green house effect overnight at least 2 times a week to keep my new growth happy, I just felt that it was time to take my braids out. 

Secondly, I decided to do the Inversion Method again this month considering that it really worked last month. I have decided to do it every month for the next 12 months. I pray and imagine if it worked all year through, I could grow between 8-12 inches of hair depending on how much really grows each month. That won't be bad considering that my battle against breakage and shedding rages on.

It's been 6 months since I had my son and I'm still experiencing shedding, at least the last time I checked...lol. The Black Tea rinses were definitely helping and I will continue now that my hair is free. I don't do tea rinses when I have braids because I won't be able to feel my hair's reaction correctly. My hair tends to stiffen with the tea rinse and I deep condition with a moisturising deep conditioner afterwards but I like to feel my hair to be sure it is okay. Fingers crossed, post-partum hair loss does stop after some time so I just hope this phase goes away real fast. I am still taking my prenatals religiously...almost. I sometimes forget...aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh!! 

I am still on holiday till Tuesday and not really in a rush to finish up. I have sectioned my hair into 3 parts and will detangle 1 section a day....more if I don't get tired. I had a updated detangling video on my Youtube channel that I can't find in my uploads...but this video below was the first one I uploaded. I will use the same method to detangle. Please subscribe as I have more videos with better lighting coming up this year!! 

Honestly, though I don't loose to much hair when detangling, I loose a lot of hair when I don't get my braids done by my usual haidresser. So after getting braids and weaves with 3 different hairdressers other than her and loosing so much hair, I believe it must be the way the others handled my hair during the braiding process. I do tell them to make partings, comb and braid gently but I think my hair just doesn't want to get braided by anyone else. My hair doesn't get too choosy with products but it definitely doesn't like too many people working it. I have decided firmly this time; to get braids or weaves only if my braider is available to do them. This time, my mind is really made up.

Do you get braids or weaves with different hairdressers and experience less breakage?


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

One Thing That Won't Happen in 2014!!

2014 is really here!! Welcome to brand new beginnings....in all things and hair-wise too. Today, I stand at another start line ready to race my hair to full Bra Strap Length by December 31st. I need at least 6 more inches of hair to reach my goal considering that I will trim off at least 2 inches within the year. Overall, I need about 4 inches to reach my goal. It doesn't seem so hard as I picture it; at least not from the hair growth point. The main challenge is going to be length retention. The fight against breakage raves on!!

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehnnnnn.....I got big hair plans for this year. You have no idea!! Will tell you all about them in the series of posts coming up. But the biggest of my hair plans in 2014 is to stop buying everything with an "attractive" ingredient list!! Every product I read or hear about online. I was so into everything product-wise last year, buying every product I had seen raves about. Knowing how difficult it is to come by products here in our Ghanaian market, I always grabbed anything I had on my wishlist that I found somewhere somehow for fear that I may never see it again. I sometimes bought up to 4 bottles of a product I had not tried before. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeehnn.......it was that bad!!

product junkie

Between March and October last year, I had this much products. What I pictured here were not all as I had at least 9 other new products at my other house as well, delivered to my hubby but not yet collected. Twas too embarrassing to line all these products up again and take a pix. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeehn, meeeeeeeeeeehn, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehn, I just failed at keeping my product junkie lifestyle tied down up till November when I decided enough was enough. It was no mean feat but I did well at not purchasing anything again.... at least not things I have replacement for.

Most of the products I bought have not yet been used up.  For those I have not yet tried, if upon use my hair doesn't like it, then I'll keep it and swap later at our meetups. 

So far I have made a list of the products that I like and will keep as staples if they continue working for me. My only headache is that my list is still so long. My hair seems to like a lot of the products with each product doing something unique. You know, those days when you feel like your hair likes one product better. Now that should have been a blessing but this is my curse. I am having a hard time selecting and cutting down on my "staples".

What's up with my hair? Been a while since I updated you. Well, I got comfy and didn't get to finishing my wash day posts....and now I guess I just have to let 2013 keep it.....lol!! I started undoing my braids yesterday simply because I didn't want to begin 2014 with "old" hair....hehhehehehhehhehe...but I never got to finish it up as I had to go welcome the new year in church. I just braided up the parts I had undone and held the braids in a bun. It was late so I couldn't take any pixs that were clear enough to show but I'm sure you imagine....*winks*....not so nice but good to go hairstyle. Will give you an update tomorrow. I had a detailed detangling video on my Youtube channel that I can't find in my videos anymore smh so I will do a video on how I detangle when I undo my braids. Please subscribe to get the update. 

How many products do you have in your stash? 


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