Tuesday, 21 January 2014

All Threaded and Tucked Away

 Been a while folks!! Missed ya too. 

I have been trying hard to manipulate my hair less each week and since I have still no intention of letting anyone do my hair for now; no braids or cornrows even with my own hair, I decided to thread it up. That is the only option I could figure out that could give me room to wash and care for my hair as well without combing it at all. 

african threadingafrican threading

So as I was preparing to wash my hair on Saturday, sectioning and oiling for my prepoo, it suddenly occurred to me to just thread the sections up. Within minutes, I was done. Quick, easy and painless. My grin was as wide as the ocean.....honestly. I really felt good about my new hairstyle. Like an African princess!! It reminded me of those days when my mum used to thread my hair up for school.... hahhaahaaaahha!! 

african threading

I loved it so much that I walked around the neighborhood in it. And then I went shopping about 10 minutes away and was asked by 2 young ladies if my hair was natural. I said, "It's relaxed but natural"..........*wide-smile*.

On my way back home, I spotted a cosmetic shop that had a lot of wigs in the showcase and decided to pop in. I had intentions of stocking up on some more wigs as I will braid less this year. I tried out a lot of wigs but the only one that could tame my horns underneath without extra work was this afro wig. Yeah....I just loved it when I tried it on and just didn't think twice about buying it. Besides, it was very cheap. Just 40ghs ($ 18).

wig regimen

I do know that big hair is the in-thing now but I still love this afro wig right here. And I intend to wear it 2 weeks at a time before switching to the other wig I have. Hhehheheehehe ......my colleagues said I look 16......hhahaahahahhahahhahahhah!! I do want to look 16 ...they better not be teasing oooooooo.... :)

Have you tried African threading?


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