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Product Review: Vitale Olive Oil 4-in1 Growth Serum

Having used and loved the Vitale Life-and Body Lye relaxer and the Vitale Mayonnaise, I was excited when I saw the above product on a shelf in the "deceased" Melcom store at Achimota. I took time to read the label and was soon happy enough to part with Ghc6.00 in exchange for this cute bottle. What I loved most was that the bottle had a roots only applicator tip and I was dreaming about the number of these bottles I could reuse in the future.

Ingredients (the ones that caught my interest): Water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, glycerin, dl panthenol, dicetyldimonium chloride, cetrimonium chloride, sulphur, camphor, menthol, ....................., black seed oil, olive oil, vitamin E, .................., nettle, peppermint, horse radish root, ...............etc, etc!!

Product Promises: Prevents thinning and breakage, stimulates hair growth, promotes thick long healthy hair, excellent for weaves and braids.

Directions: Apply ample amount to scalp using small subsections and spread evenly using fingertips. Massage throughout entire scalp. Apply a dropper full to the palms of your hands and spread onto hair ends to protect from damage. Dry and style as desired.

I used this product for a good number of months till the bottle got empty but I must say my expectations were not met. My excitement about it probably died the first day I used it.

-I love the cute bottle and the applicator tip. Can easily be carried around, very easy to open so the bottle can be reused. 
-Applying the product to the scalp is easy especially between braid tracks.
- The smell wasn't too pungent to me. Smelt like my daughter's teething!

-The content was just too watery for my liking. It was hard to believe it contained anything else especially oils. Just felt and looked like a herbal infusion.... something like boiled neem leaves our oldies drink in the village for malaria.
- I also expected a strong, long tinging sensation on my scalp but that wasn't the case. Just a mild tingle for a while.
- A little didn't go a long way for my roots because it was thick with new growth. I also have dry hair so I needed more than a dropper for my ends. 
- I tried it out on my braids but it didn't do much for it. I'm not too sure what the excellence for weaves and braids refers to! Probably more for application than for protection of ends. 
- As to fulfilling the promise of stimulating growth, I must say unless any results show only after more than 6 months usage, I was disappointed. I made sure I applied religiously to my edges but I didn't see much in the first 2 months so I purchased another product for my edges. 

I'm not very patient growth aids..... I only purchase again if I see progress after 2 months usage. So as far as I know now, I won't jump at purchasing this product anytime soon.Maybe I am a little harsh at that but I love value for my money when it comes to my hair. Don't want to have to purchase 10 bottles of a product in 6 months to see any progress!

However, as I always say, because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it may not work for you. You can try it and see if your hair likes it. You can also check out a review of this product by Ghanaian Emprezz. I tried to find reviews by other African bloggers to no avail. But here are some testimonials of Vitale products including this Olive Oil 4-in-1 growth serum.

If you have used this product, kindly share your findings with us in the comment box or send by mail to Have a happy hair day!



  1. Hmmmmm....i wont be buying the product but i cld use some applicator just maybe...????

  2. Haha, as for the growth part, it's zero!

  3. I was thinking of getting this product but with your review and the above comment i wont even bother.

    1. can give it a try if you like. You never know, your scalp may respond to it.

  4. The hair mayonnaise has sulfates, parabens, etc. none of which are good for the overall health of your hair

    1. Yes, really hard to find products which don't contain any of those so I just alternate with homemade protein treatment recipes.


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