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  1. hi there. i'm not trying to hate but i think you should just transition and see how it goes. its been 2 years now and your hair isnt really doing well. just go natural and see how it goes. after all a lot of us have gone natural

    1. Actually, it is doing well to me. From how it was and how it is now, there is a huge difference. As far as length is concerned, it is at the same length because I started texlaxing a year ago so I've been trimming the bone straight ends off. I'm currently working on thickness and not length...I wrote about that in my posts. I'm not going natural anytime soon...just a personal preference. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  2. I have been reading that onion oil or garlic oil with aid in hair growth. Not saying that it does not work because im just about to test it out however, everything I read says to rinse it out.

    why does anything that helps your hair grow need to be rinsed out. Does it truly need to be rinsed out? If not rinsed can it cause damage to the scalp or hair? How quickly will a person truly expect to see results? Lastly, can it really help regrow a womans hair suffering from baldness for a long period of time?

    1. With onion juice, you rinse out because the nutrients are absorbed within minutes and there's no need to keep it in your hair forever. Same with can rinse them out or leave them in depending on if you can stand the smell. But just like food, the body uses what it needs and the "chaff" needs to be cleaned out.


  4. where can i get virgin hair fertiliser am from Zimbabwe


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