Monday, 25 March 2013

New Hair Goodies.....

After a tiring Friday, I passed by my favourite cosmetic shop in Ashaiman to see if I'd find something new and exciting...........and I did!! 3 new things...Profectiv Mega Growth Oil, Ultimax Hair Moisturiser and Chambers Chapter 2000! (I'd been curious about Profectiv and Chapter 2000 for a long while).

Owing to the fact that I knew I had a busy weekend, I decided to wash first thing Saturday morning...even before brushing my!! I just airdired but with the help of my standing fan (light bulb worked!!)........cos I had to get my hair dry faster in order to attend the BlogCamp 2013 at the time I had agreed on with my fellow hair bloggers.
Menthol Crystal is a compound obtained from mint oils eg peppermint.

This was GHC 3.50

When my hair was 80% dry, I based and massaged my scalp with Chambers Chapter 2000.....This product is very popular and I have seen a lot of ladies ask for and grab this product in stores.....I just need to find out for myself what the buzz about it is! I must say, it gave my scalp a tingling sensation that lasted as long as I can remember.....probably more than an hour because I could still feel the sensation after I got ready for the program. If this translates into my scalp being stimulated for a good hour...then.....Woooooooooooooow!!

Love, love already!

GHC 3.50
I then applied my S-Curl Moisturiser and then used Ultimax Hair Moisturiser this time containing Rose Oil, Wheatgerm Oil and Cyclomethicone (a silicone oil which is a good emolient, moisturiser and humectant) to seal...Wowwwwwwwwwwww!! I was disappointed they had no Almond and Jojoba Oil which I loved but I just thought I should try it out and I was amazed!! Within seconds, my hair felt soooooo soft and silky. And the frizz that comes with my airdried hair was almost non-existent!! Indeed, I was truly woooooooooowed!! Errrrrrmmm...there were only 2 bottles left and I grabbed both...hahhahhaha!

Need I say more......long list of hair goodies in here!!

GHC 10.00
Then I moved on to my new Profectiv mega growth oil...which contains a lot of my favourite oils!! I loved the feel of it....light and not too!! I used it to seal and it was like heaven!! My hair looked really nice and straight.....more than 80% straight so much so that I didn't even scarf my hair this time!! I was sooooooo tempted to just comb my hair down, but..........up into a sock bun it went.....(things I do for the love of my hair!!)

I would continue to use these products because they gave me a wonderful first impression and do a review on each of them in a month. I still use JBCO and T444Z but sparingly now. JBCO for my scalp in the evening when I GHE and T444Z only once a week for my scalp on a wash day. Though I have placed an order for T444Z which is almost finished, I am trying to find other products that are readily available in Ghana to substitute some of my products which are hard to come by. Those products are worth the wait but in the meantime, my hair journey must continue! I have a length to catch.....and in good time too!!


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My Regimen A

So, what have I been doing to my hair in the past months?

Yes, been checking and checking and checking ....yet to get the magnifying glasses!

Since everyone's hair is different, what may work for my hair may not work for yours especially when it comes to products. But good hair care practices and length retention methods work for almost everyone. Healthy hair will come naturally from your scalp once you eat healthily and drink lots of water. But length retention, which is a huge challenge for kinky and coily hair has to be a part or full time job depending on how quickly you want to see results.

I want to see results faaaaaaaaaaaaaast so I do as much as I can to reduce breakage. Check out the following practices I engage in to reduce or prevent breakage;

  1. I don't comb my hair with small combs, only wide tooth combs.
  2. I do styles that do not need combing everyday and do not expose my hair often...mainly braids, buns, and bantu knots.
  3. When I braid, I make sure the braids are not too tight and small, usually bigger than the circumference of a pencil.
  4. I wash my hair twice a week with conditioner. Even when I have braids, cornrows or weaves.
  5. I don't use heat at all. No flat irons, no blow dryers, no curling combs; even no hooded dryer. I only use a hooded dryer when I go to the stylist, which has been only 2 times in the past 6 months. I rollerset and airdry, or just airdry with a scarf.
  6. I relax and trim my hair less often....2 to 3 times a year. Will try to reduce to 2 times or less. I however trim whenever my hair needs a trim.
  7. I sleep with a silk scarf every night and cover my hair with my scarf anytime I am indoors.
  8. I take care of MY hair MYSELF. This way, I am sure not to mistreat!!
These steps helped to minimise my hair breakage from August 2012...For once; after a relaxer, my ends don't look like a skeleton!!

What I do daily, weekly and monthly? 

  • Moisturise my ends with a water based moisturiser. I have a spray bottle mix containing water, glycerin, moisturisers and aloe vera gel. I use this whenever my hair is in a protective style.
  • Seal my ends with a 100% virgin, pure or unrefined oil.  
  • Massage my scalp and rub my fingernails together briskly twice daily for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Style my hair in braids, buns, or bantu knots.
  • Do the green house effect every night. 
  • Take my vitamin supplements, eat fruits and vegetables and drink at least 3 litres of water. 

  • Cowash twice on Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday.
  • Deep condition with homemade recipes or store bought products. I alternate between my 3 deep conditioners.

  • Shampoo with a sulfate shampoo since I don't shampoo wash often. Just to feel the!!
  • Do an overnight hot oil treatment.
  • Do an apple cider vinegar rinse.

We all do, don't we?

 I ask, why don't you try some of these things and see what results you get. Desire long hair because you can have it!! I BELIEVE!

There are a lot more things I would have loved to try out....such as prepooing and henna treatments but I haven't started because I feel my hair does not need it yet. I would also love to buy more products but I am putting myself in check in order not to become a product junkie! My hair is responding well to most of the products I purchased and have been using for at least 6 months now so unless I really need to, I have no intention of changing my products. I just need to add a hair repair product, clarifying shampoo and a styling serum or hair polisher and I'm done. 
I have a dream..........Soon and very soon!

If it ain't broke, I ain't fixing it!! Besides, sometimes less is more......


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Loving my Sock Bun (VIDEO)

Buns are a great way to protect the hair from the elements and I'm loving it more each day. I can't believe I've been sock bunning for the past 2 weeks. I have been hiding my hair!! I haven't let my hair down except on wash days. That is something; because I would ordinarily have been "showing off "my new!!

Sock Bun Tutorial.

Did this bun myself and I'm loving it!!

That proves to me that I'm really taking this much more seriously than I planned. I do not take my bun down every other day anymore. I moisturise by spraying with water and S-Curl No-Drip and seal by applying jojoba and almond oil on top. I just rub my hands over the hair to get the product in.I still rub my fingernails together and massage lightly with my fingertips.

I had wanted to braid my hair over the weekend but I decided against it. I want to wait to see some new growth....about 1/4 inch or more before I braid again. That gives me more time to take exclusive care of my hair. Since I don't lose much hair when I detangle after braids, I intend to braid at least twice between now and December 2013.

I've almost run out of my CON Shampoo and will definitely get a new bottle by the end of the week or a little later since I don't shampoo every week. I still co-wash every Wednesday, deep condition and wash every Saturday or Sunday.

Unless my hair needs a change, I journey on the same way.


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Next Stretch: Steps to Progress 2013

Been away from home for a while and haven't been doing much with my hair except for bunning and gheing every night. I'm time constrained and will not have time to do wash a till I get back home on Friday. I realised that with the ghe, sometimes the hair is damp in the morning......very damp! But if left free, it dries quite well in about 30 minutes but when really in a hurry, I just style it into a sock bun. Wet bunning is really a great styling option!!

Now, I have used the past few days to make plans for the rest of the year. I have learnt a lot of virtues so this hair journey is really a total improvement of my life first, and then my hair. I'm more patient, consistent, content, eat healthier and show deep appreciation for life and all the good gifts God has given me. I feel healthier and happier! And most of all, I make plans.....everyday plans to improve myself physically and spiritually. How a simple hair journey can teach me so much in such a short time.

More than ever, I'm convinced this is a race I am surely going to run till I drop...(!!) I'm definitely thinking of doing a longer stretch again since I have not regretted my 6 month stretch!! 

Relaxer day : 31st December, 2013!!

What I did and will continue doing with my hair from March 2013 - December 2013!!

1. I will do my own hair 90% of the time. I will only go to my salon to get braids and relaxers which is altogether going to be about 4-5 times in the year.

2. I will only comb my hair with wide tooth combs twice a week on wash days!! (Won't be easy)!

3. I will continue to care for my hair no matter what protective style I am wearing! Have to choose styles more carefully taking my hair care regimen into consideration as I need to reach my scalp everyday!

4. I will not use heat in my hair!! No curling irons, no flat irons, no blowdryers!! Will explore wet styling, bunning, twist outs, bantu knots, rollersetting, flexi rods and airdrying. Will use a hooded dryer when extremely necessary.

5. Will deep condition weekly and alternate between natural recipes and store bought products. To avoid harsh products, I will always remember to check out the ingredients of products on stalls before I put them in my shopping cart!! (VERY IMPORTANT)

6. I will ghe every day and will only trim my hair when necessary. I intend to trim MYSELF using the search and destroy method.

7. I will continue to massage my scalp with oils every day and rub my nails for growth everyday!! I have stopped inversion for now but will begin again in July.

8. I will always protect my hair from my clothes, harsh weather by using a silk scarf anytime I'm at home and always at bedtime.

9. I will eat more fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water and start exercising twice a week (but not until later in the year...sometime!!). I will continue to take my Vitabiotics Pre-natal vitamin and Omega-3 supplement everyday.

10. I WILL MEDITATE, READ MY BIBLE AND PRAY MORE! This has been my new practice to make use of the time between shampooing and airdrying. Sometimes it takes up to 1 hour "waiting" time on a wash day. That gives me an extra 2 hours or more a week to do the God-Daughter chit-chat!!

Looking forward to health and thickness!! Hope length comes with it!!
Plans made!! Nothing left out .......... Tools on board, (more) products on board, HEART, SOUL and GOD on board......yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

Let phase 2 begin!!


Friday, 8 March 2013

6 Month Relaxer Stretch Results!!

 (Doing my "awam" Azonto dance over and over and over again!!)

I finally got my relaxer!! I was so anxious about how much progress I would make. The wait is finally over and I'm so happy with my results so far I can't use words to describe my joy!!! If I can make progress at this rate, I would surely get my desired length in 3 years time. Here comes my comparison photos:

24th August, 2012 - 8th December, 2012 - 5th March, 2013
(Neck Length to Shoulder Length)

I'm stuck with editing the videos I made cos of work, work, work!! Hope to get it completed and uploaded soon. Simply subscribe to my GhlonghairStar channel on Youtube and you will get it as soon as I upload it!

This is my real hair, no weaves!! This hair journey of mine is real.  My hair is not soooooooo long but at least I can confidently say that it really grows; our hair really grows! If only we would love and care for it the way we should. It's just hair anyway oooooooooooo, what's the big deal?!! For me, I'm going hair-wire and hair-obsessed!! I'm gonna do all I can to grow my hair.....................wish me luck guys!! I'd be needing it on this looooooong waist length hair journey!!


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Which Way to Go: Relax or Texlax?

Saturday was supposed to be a great day! My video making day! 

I finished making a video footage of how I undid my braids, my detangling session and was making a video of my deep conditioning method prior to my wash when ...... oh oooooooh............noooooooooooo!! Cameraaaaaaaaaaa, you can't go off now!! How could i forget to bring the battery charger home from work? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!! Going to the office wasn't a challenge, but how could I leave the house with this green goo on my head? Now,  I seriously have to get a wig during my next product haul!! A wig could have saved the day!

That was the end of my wash day video and my bantu knot video. Sorry guys, no videos to show of the wash day and I didn't do the bantu knots anymore.

I will upload the other videos to my Youtube channel soon. Just search for GhlonghairStar and subscribe!! 

No bad for a first official  6 month stretch!!

I wanted to relax or texlax (still haven't made up my mind, will give reasons in another on Saturday. But I just got called to a meeting scheduled on Saturday at work so that leaves me with just today and tomorrow to get the relaxer as I will work late on Thursday and Friday. I scheduled with the hairdresser to get it done at break time yesterday but when I got there, there was no power! ECG again!! I woke up early this morning to get it done before work power! I just hope I get that precious call during the day that power has been restored so I can get this over and done with. I am dying of anxiety. I really want to know how well I did on the 6 month stretch. Amazingly, I didn't loose a lot of hair throughout the detangling and wash sessions so my hair probably doesn't mind the relaxer stretch.

Hope to give you an update on how the relaxer turned out soon. I may take some photos and videos at the salon if the hairdresser agrees and I don't get too many strange stares from other customers!! Prayer is .....may I be the only customer at the shop until I'm done with my hair......pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee! (Ain't that!!)


Friday, 1 March 2013

What Would You Stand In Line For?

What products I would stand in line for? Hhhahahhhaha....... I jumped in answer “SHEABUTTER”!! Got this tag from Abena Nyarkoaa of and I will tag other bloggers at the end too!!

1.      Shea butter: This is always on my shopping list and there have been times when it is the only items on my list....imagine!! It is one product I don’t do without...for my hair and that of my little girl who is on a natural hair journey too though she doesn’t like the idea of my fidgeting with her hair at all!! I use Shea butter to do just about anything I use oils for especially when I use homemade recipes and want to go with all natural from the start of my wash to finish. Thank God we have it in abundance everywhere!!

2.      VO5 Conditioners: My favourite discovery of the year!! Very difficult to find and sure to grab at least 5 the next time I find them on the stalls...I have only tried the Moisture Milks and just run out of it this week. The only store I know that stocks it where I live have only the lavender flavours left but I sure won’t mind trying that one out too!! Once it’s a VO5 conditioner queue, you will surely find me in line.

3.      Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment: I love, love, loooooooooooove this product. Leave my hair so soft, shiny and smooth!! Have used this for at least 6 months sparingly because I have been hunting for it and can’t find it anywhere!! I alternate with another moisturising deep conditioner because I don’t want the precious bottle to get!! Someone please make this product available sometime soon in Ghana because I can only put off the bottle getting empty for just a little while longer. (Sob...sob.....sob)

4.      Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracle Worker: This product I must say has really helped me to stretch my relaxer. It leaves my new growth soft and fairly tangle free. It really is a great detangler! I always apply it to my roots after I shampoo and it makes it easier for the comb to glide through the thick growth. Awesome product!

5.      Castor Oil: I love to massage this into my scalp and I believe it is working at thickening my hair. I have been using it since February last year when I read about its benefits for hair though not constantly back then. I’ve been using this seriously in my regimen since October last year. It is good to seal with if one wishes to m&s only a few times a week. I often add it to my deep conditioner when I want to wash my hair less often which is usually when I have braids and don’t have time for a cowash during the week.

6.      Vitale Life and Body with Olive Oil Lye in Normal Strength: Though I intend to relax less often now, I would definitely join any queue to get this relaxer!! I have never really had a product that was able to relax my hair in a short time leaving it silky smooth!! I want to try texlaxing but I intend to use this relaxer and dilute it with oil. I was pleasantly shocked at the results I had with this relaxer because for years, I thought my hair was too stubborn to ever relax. Most relaxers, both lye and no-lye I had used in the past simply didn’t do the job for me. 

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