Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Which Way to Go: Relax or Texlax?

Saturday was supposed to be a great day! My video making day! 

I finished making a video footage of how I undid my braids, my detangling session and was making a video of my deep conditioning method prior to my wash when ...... oh oooooooh............noooooooooooo!! Cameraaaaaaaaaaa, you can't go off now!! How could i forget to bring the battery charger home from work? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!! Going to the office wasn't a challenge, but how could I leave the house with this green goo on my head? Now,  I seriously have to get a wig during my next product haul!! A wig could have saved the day!

That was the end of my wash day video and my bantu knot video. Sorry guys, no videos to show of the wash day and I didn't do the bantu knots anymore.

I will upload the other videos to my Youtube channel soon. Just search for GhlonghairStar and subscribe!! 

No bad for a first official  6 month stretch!!

I wanted to relax or texlax (still haven't made up my mind, will give reasons in another post...lol) on Saturday. But I just got called to a meeting scheduled on Saturday at work so that leaves me with just today and tomorrow to get the relaxer as I will work late on Thursday and Friday. I scheduled with the hairdresser to get it done at break time yesterday but when I got there, there was no power! ECG again!! I woke up early this morning to get it done before work and.......no power! I just hope I get that precious call during the day that power has been restored so I can get this over and done with. I am dying of anxiety. I really want to know how well I did on the 6 month stretch. Amazingly, I didn't loose a lot of hair throughout the detangling and wash sessions so my hair probably doesn't mind the relaxer stretch.

Hope to give you an update on how the relaxer turned out soon. I may take some photos and videos at the salon if the hairdresser agrees and I don't get too many strange stares from other customers!! Prayer is .....may I be the only customer at the shop until I'm done with my hair......pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee! (Ain't that selfish...lol!!)



  1. ohhhhhh too bad abt the camera, perhaps you cld have thrown on a scarf? Oh well! looking forward too seeing the videos

    1. Hhahahha..have to learn how to rock scarfs sooner than later! Editing videos is still a challenge....but will get them done soon!


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