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Eggs for Your Hair!!

Precious eggs!!
Like great things that come in small packages, eggs are one of the foods that are always mentioned in hair care. It is no doubt one of the best sources of proteins, fatty acids and certain minerals and vitamins. Some of these are Vitamins A, B-1, B-2, B-5, B-12, D, and E. Minerals such as sulphur, zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, phosphorous, iodine, sodium and potassium are also found to a certain extent in eggs. They are also found to contain panthothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, niacin and choline. All these are essential nutrients the hair thrives on.
Check out each of these and what they do to the hair and body and you will be amazed at the benefits something as small and simple as an egg can do for your hair!! All those ingredients just remind me of some of the ingredients in the great products I have come across and which are really aiding in my hair care journey. They are all great for healthy and shiny hair be it relaxed or natural.

How Do I Use Eggs For My Hair?
Make sure you add eggs to your diet every day. Once your body is healthy, your hair will also be healthy. You should not only eat them but also use them alone as a mask or better still in homemade recipes for applying directly to the hair. Gives strength, lustre and shine, and aids in faster growth too. I usually combine with one or more of the following: my deep conditioners; or bananas, avocados, lemon juice, aloe vera juice, mayonnaise, honey, melted shea butter, olive or coconut oils depending on what results I want for my hair. The strength and shine for hair are usually seen immediately!! Imagine what results you will get if you use it more consistently.

Just remember the following:
Eat lots of fruits and vegetables too! Don't forget to drink water too!
a.   Eat, eat, and eat eggs!! I do not recommend eating raw eggs (I’ve never tried it) if you are experiencing hair fall as it is thought to worsen hair fall. Better to boil, scramble or fry with just a little olive or coconut oil. If you prefer vegetable oil because of the smell of coconut oil especially, use just a teaspoon or two. I always add at least 2 or all the following vegetables; lots of onions, carrots, green peppers, cabbage and lettuce when I fry my eggs. You can also make sure to add boiled eggs to your vegetable salads. Remember not to add too much mayonnaise to your salads though. Remember, too much of everything is bad! Up to 3 egg whites and 1 egg yolk is enough for your body and hair for the day.
b.      When you apply eggs to your hair, it makes your hair hard. Remember to wash egg masks out with shampoo and moisturising conditioner (this is a must). Use sweet scented ones that can cloud the strong smell of eggs. But don’t worry; the egg scent only lingers for a while.
c.       Do not sit under the hair dryer when you use eggs in your hair as the heat will fry the eggs and may leave white clumps of eggs in your hair if not washed out properly. A shower cap over your head for up to 30 minutes is enough and your body will produce all the heat needed to “steam” your hair. I will not advise you to keep any mask made with eggs for more than 30 minutes as this can lead to hair drying out and hence breakage.
d.      Remember to wash your hair with cold water and not hot or warm water as it may cause the same effect as sitting under a dryer. 

These are clumps!! Huge clumps!!
e.     e.   Do a strand test always (anytime a hair falls when you comb or brush) to check the protein-moisture balance of your hair. You can use wet or dry hair to check if any of the following conditions describes your hair and then you can do protein treatments to correct it.

Balanced: Stretches slightly and returns to its original length without breaking.
Moisture deficient: Gets just a little or no stretching, and snaps like a weak and brittle twig; feels dry, rough, tough, tangled and brittle.
Protein deficient: Stretches like an elastic band and then breaks; stretches, very far like an elastic band with no significant breakage or feels limp, mushy, soft and sticky.

Soon and very soon....thanks to eggs!!

I have been using eggs in my hair for at least 3 months now, and there are thousands of recipes to suit hair needs. You may use the egg whites, egg yolk or both for these recipes. Do a little research and check which recipes will suit your hair and its needs. I will post some soon but don’t wait for me. Your hair shouldn’t wait to become stronger, healthier, gorgeous, shiny and loooooooooooooong. Remember to come back and let me know how your hair is responding to egg treatments.



  1. I am going to start this egg treatment today. I am very excited to see what it does to my hair. I have very frizzy, wavy, and out of control hair. It comes down to my shoulders almost. I have a lot of damaged hair because of the weaves I have whore for years. I am going all nautural. Wish me luck!

    1. Do give it a try. I use eggs in my hair at least 2 times a month.

  2. Thanks for this great info, am starting rigth away. My hair has finished. Which is better to wash hair, hot or cold water?

    1. Please do not use heat in hair when you apply eggs, else it will cook. In general, hot water is not suitable for washing hair. Use warm water and do a final rinse with cold water to close the cuticles.

  3. how often we should apply raw eggs on hair ???
    i use egg and olive oil mixture on my hair

    1. I use it every 4-6 weeks mixed with my hair mayonnaise as a stronger protein treatment because I use mild protein every week. Some do not use any other protein treatments so they use it every week. You can try it both ways and see how your hair reacts....

    2. Hai ive been using egg both the yolk and the white and mix it with olive oil and how many times should i put it in my hair in a week? Thanks

  4. im a man and i put egg in my hair about every 2-3 days
    it makes my hair strong and thick, my hair is short and it doesn't smell.
    i usually leave the egg in for a whole day sometimes 2.
    Once the thickness of the hair starts to fade, it becomes shiny and feels stronger when i put my hands through it.

  5. I use a egg and olive oil hair mask and love my results! It has really helped my hair become so strong and shiny and it is growing so much faster.. I posted pics on instagram (@mrs.bless2013) from my first egg hair mask treatment and you can see a dramatic difference in my hair from just one treatment.

  6. I use a egg and olive oil hair mask and love my results! It has really helped my hair become so strong and shiny and it is growing so much faster.. I posted pics on instagram (@mrs.bless2013) from my first egg hair mask treatment and you can see a dramatic difference in my hair from just one treatment.

    1. That's great. I'm sunshine and my hair is broken that for years i have not been able to show it. It is always covered with hair extensions or braids. i bought coconut oil and eggs to start the treatment. How often should i do this to help my hair so i can also show my hair to the public. it is so light weighted that my skull even shows when i leave it on. Please Stella help me.


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