Friday, 1 February 2013

19 Weeks Post Now - Braid Update

Have had my hair cleaned with antiseptic and restyled only once since the last scalp doesn’t itch at all anymore and I do see growth. But my new growth doesn’t look as long as it did when I had the box braids and I was washing my hair at least twice a week! But it does feel thicker and stronger!

I still moisturise everyday with my home-made spritz and braid spray, and GHE every night but I feel my hair is very, very thirsty! It feels dry after a few hours and I wet it a little at work when I remember to. I just rub a little water onto my roots and massage for a while. The weather is very dry now and just as I need to drink more water...(almost 4.5 litres everyday), I have to give my hair more moisture too!!

I’m very busy this weekend and will be unable to get a full head wash done as I desperately desire so I guess I may have to do with wetting my roots as often as I remember to prevent my hair from drying out and breaking. The weather is too unfavourable for my yarn braids as I can’t wash and go as I like so I’m gonna undo them next weekend if no wedding or baby shower invitation comes!!

I think I need to declare some of my weekends as Hair-kends to all my friends with apologies if I’m gonna get to my Waist Length goal.....HAHHAAHHAHA...... Unacceptable right? I love my hair, but I love my friends more!!


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