Thursday, 28 February 2013

Flexi Rods on Real Hair soon!!

Six months post and I'm sooooo excited. I'm surely going to take out my yarn braids this weekend!! Hope to do a video on how I undo the braids, detangle and wash. I'm tempted to go to the salon for help but I'm also worried I may not get the desired cooperation I may need. Patience and time.......time....and more time. Most hairdressers are usually patient with your hair until another customer starts shows up... Next thing you know, they are yanking at your knots and tangles with a comb!! That's how I lost my edges some months ago and I'm not sure I'm prepared to go down that road again!!

Gorgeous style...too bad I have to wait a few years to get this result.
I've been thinking of what styles I'm going to be doing when I relax my hair next week because I'm more determined than ever to use combs in my hair less.....only wash days! That's probably just twice a week. So I'm basically going to be doing protective styles.....buns, twist-outs, bantu knots and flexi rod styles. I've never used flexi rods in my hair and I'd been hunting for the flexi rod set for a few months now. I know it is available in Makola but I haven't found time to go there. I finally found some in my beauty supply store last week and but she only had one set which was not enough for the style I was thinking of doing. There were only 10 in the pack and the sizes were bigger than I wanted. My hairdresser who seems to have done some sets on her clients in the past advised that I should buy about 2 or 3 packs of a smaller size if I wanted the style to come out nicely. I'm going to the store tomorrow and I hope she has stocked some more and has the sizes I want.

Found this cool video that shows how to use the rods and since my hair may be that length, I thought I'd watch this video over and over again everyday for the next!! I intend to try out this style sometime 17th March as I'm gonna be away from home for work related reasons early in March.

I do hope I get some results close to hers but in case my set fails, this is a style I have in mind as a!    

Have you ever used flexi rods to set your real hair? Any advice for me?



  1. Will be waiting to see how your detangling goes!

    1. hope i don't come up with a video titled "detangling gone wrong"!! Have to go grab another bottle of VO5 as the one i have is only 1/5th full. Hope the lavender works as well as the moisture milks as that is all the store had the last time i checked. Wish me luck... :)


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