Thursday, 7 February 2013

Wash Day....Yarn Braids

Finally!! After weeks of yearning for a wash, I finally did it!! I went into the shower during the 30 minute playoff of the football match between Ghana and Burkina Faso probably to cool off some, looked up at the rack holding my products over the shower stalk and thought; what the!! I need to wash my hair!

Found this cool rack at Melcom Tema for about Ghc 4.50

No sooner than the thought came, did I put my head under the shower avoiding the bunned part of my style as much as possible. Whooooooooooooooossshhhhhhh !! It felt sooooooooooo good!! Precious, precious, precious water!! Nothing can replace water in my hair!!
You can see the dirt buildup at the roots...See, I have some nice growth there!

I massaged my scalp for a few minutes before I decided on a conditioner wash instead of a shampoo wash because I didn’t think my hair was too dirty. I grabbed my Silkience Conditioner and oh la laaaa!! Felt so creamy and smelt so nice!!

I gently massaged it into my scalp and a tiny part of the bottom of the braids. I rinsed out and applied another handful which I left on after massaging it in thoroughly until I finished my bath. I then rinsed it out as much as I could, careful to avoid the bulk of the bun on my head. That was it!! Eaaaaaaaaasy!!  The yarn didn’t!!

Still a little buildup there.......

but sure looks and feels cleaner to!
I then wrapped a towel around my head while I completed my bath and had the towel on my head while I watched the Black Stars as they took the penalties. Oh my goooosh! I always hate it when it comes to penalties. When, oooooo when will we have excellent strikers in our team? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! Kudos though to the Black Stars for how far they have gone and I hope they can at least come home with the Third Place trophy!!

Thanks to Ghanaianemprezz, I have a bottle now. Was Ghc 23.00 or so.
 Later at bedtime, my hair was about 50% dry so I applied T444Z to my clean scalp, my s-curl moisturiser and then sealed with JBCO. I decided to do my GHE anyway so I just placed my plastic bag over my head and secured with my silk scarf.
Night, night!!

I was dreading a bad stench this morning but to my amazement, nothing like that!! My hair was a little damp so I just sprayed with my African Pride Braid Spray and off I went. By the time I had my 2nd, my hair was completely dry!!

So, change in plans. I will cowash twice a week and keep in the braids till next week. I find no reason to keep it longer than 6 weeks anyway cos it is cheap to get it done again and I am past 20 weeks post relaxer, far longer than my intended 16 week stretch. Braids cost under $15.00 here in Ghana; extensions and service inclusive in most salons. Maybe most women abroad keep it longer because it easier on the purse as it could cost as high as $50 or more to get braids. I am yearning for the creamy crack (relaxer)!!
I’m super excited about undoing my braids sooner and I hope I don’t get a setback during the detangling process.


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