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Aloe Shampoo Recipes

 After washing your hair with ordinary sulphate shampoos, do you feel how squeaky clean it is? Have you held you hair in your hands and heard it squeak before? Squeaky, squeaky stripped clean!! Yes, you just stripped your hair of all its natural oils. All over the world, lots of women are switching to 100% natural hair products. Most cosmetics now claim to contain more natural ingredients than ever before. There is a good reason why!! Of course, it is better and gentler on the hair especially our curly and kinky hair which requires more TLC than any other hair type.....!!  Good thing I can make some of these products in my home, with my own natural ingredients and I can be sure that it is really 100% pure and natural. No petroleum, no sulphates, no lanolin, etc, etc. I have used Aloe Vera in a lot of my homemade recipes.

Don't worry if it doesnt lather as much as commercial shampoos, it does it's job!!

These shampoos do not produce the suds of regular shampoos, but they do clean your hair very well and add other benefits to your hair. They are all-natural, chemical-free shampoos that would cleanse your hair and scalp with the same effects of other products. When used over time you will experience faster hair growth, less scalp irritations, stronger and shinier hair to name a few. It works, believe me!! All the other ingredients I have ever used in these recipes are also great for the hair. Find time to read a little more about them though I will soon do a post on all ingredients I use in my homemade recipes. It is preferable to make your own aloe vera gel but you can also buy from shopping centres if you don’t have the plants to make your own. You can vary the quantities of each ingredient you use to suit your hair which may be described as dry, oily, normal, etc. I find these recipes below very easy to make especially since all the ingredients can be found in Ghana:

1. Aloe Honey Shampoo:
Ingredients: 60ml aloe gel, 20ml of honey, 10ml Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Simply mix all ingredients together in a blender. You can use a hand-held mixer or a whisk as well. Mix until it is smooth and slimy. You can add a little distilled water if it is too thick as the consistency of the aloe vera gel determines the thickness of the shampoo. Do not worry about the scent as you will rinse it all out when you use it in your hair. If your hair is very oily, you can add a little more ACV. 

2. Aloe Glycerine Shampoo:
Ingredients: 60ml aloe vera gel, 60ml cup of liquid castile soap (olive oil soap), 5 ml glycerine, 1 ml vegetable oil

Put all ingredients together and blend or mix until smooth. You can add distilled water to lighten the mixture. Add a few drops of essential oil if desired. The amounts can be altered to make more or less shampoo.

3. Aloe Jojoba Shampoo: 

Ingredients: 60ml aloe vera gel, 10 ml olive oil
Blend or mix all ingredients together. Add distilled water if you please. Jojoba oil is great if you have oily hair but if your hair is extremely dry you can use olive oil instead.

4. Aloe Rose Shampoo: I have not tried this one yet because I don’t have roses.....but since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, you never know!! 

Ingredients: 60ml aloe vera gel, 10 ml dried rosemary, 10 ml dried rose petals, 60 ml liquid castile soap, 10 ml jojoba or olive oil
Place the rosemary and rose petals into a jar and fill it with boiling water. Immediately place a lid over the jar and let the mixture steep for at least 30 minutes. When cool, strain the mixture and pour the liquid in a bowl. Add jojoba oil and aloe vera gel and mix well. There!! Very simple.

Remember that Aloe Vera is a source of many vitamins and nutrients. Many hair products you buy have ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, which is not only used to degrease car engines but is also considered one of the most commonly used poisons in the world! Additionally, Aloe Vera’s pH is natural and helps moisturize dry, itchy scalps without making them oily. 

Never mind that your shampoo may not have a brand name such as Maxim, Organic Root Stimulator, Dark and Lovely, Herbal Essences, etc. (Heheheh, you can store it in a used up branded bottle like i do!!) This natural shampoo works amazingly well. You can use regular water but distilled water is preferred as it doesn’t contain bacteria which can shorten the shelf life of your shampoo. Remember to store any leftovers in a bottle and keep in a fridge as there are no added preservatives. I strongly recommend that you make  your shampoo on wash day! You will then have fresh 100% all-natural home-made shampoo at your service! Enjoy and share you experiences with me anytime!!



  1. Thanx for sharing, can you suggest where i can get the Aloe Vera juice to buy here in Accra......been searching for that for a while now.....

    1. Got in touch with a door to door retailer who is in Circle, Accra. Try his line too .....054 1054497.

  2. Forever Living Products had retailers bring aloe vera products including gel to my campus way back long before 2007. I checked their site and gave them a call. They still distribute the Aloe Vera Gel but you have to call at their office near Mr Biggs, Circle for their list of distributors. You can call on 0302-223-878. Best of luck.


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