Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Wash Day: Yarn Braids 2

Sure I have almost an inch of growth there!!


With nowhere to go last Saturday, I decided to do a full head wash to see how long it takes my yarn to air dry.  I carefully undid the bun by pulling at the thread that was used to sew it in and cut it with my scissors. I did it in front of the mirror and checked each time to make sure I didn’t have any braid caught up in the scissors before I snipped the thread.

1.      I washed my hair in the shower with shampoo and conditioner. I used my Odeon shampoo because I don’t have a sulphate free shampoo yet and besides after not having had a wash in such a long time,  I thought it was wise to use it instead of my Creme Of Nature Conditioner which is milder to ensure I got my scalp and hair really squeaky clean. I did the shampoo wash twice and rinsed it out as much as I could. I used the tips of my fingers instead of my fingernails to do the scrubbing...lol!!

2.      I applied my VO5 conditioner, massaged it in for a while and left it in for about 10 minutes. I rinsed it out thoroughly and squeezed the water out of the braids gently. I was careful not to pull at the roots of my hair.

3.      I then squeezed out more water with my T-Shirt and wrapped my braids in an old silk dress turban style. I kept a towel around my neck to soak the dripping water. I went around doing my chores and after about an hour, the water stopped dripping. I took off my turban and left the braids free to air dry.

4.      When the braids were about 80% dry, I applied my growth aids to my roots and went on to moisturise and seal. I don’t use too much product when I have braids in order to prevent build-up.

5.      It took almost the whole day for the yarn to be completely dry. I now understand why most busy people will not do a full wash when they have yarn braids. But for me, with most of my Saturdays free now, I guess I can keep up with weekend washes.

I love the way my hair looks and feels clean. I intend to do a deep condition wash on Saturday and I will update you on how it goes. For now, I will stick to one wash per week. I got this really cool hairdresser for my salon who knows as much as I’ve learnt so far about hair care. I met her when she did my last box braids...I was about 12 weeks post then and she was so gentle with my hair. We kept in touch and now we’re business partners. She’s encouraging me to continue my stretch since I can wash and condition in braids.


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