Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Back To My Wigs

I''m so bent on reaching my bra strap length goal by December this year. I really do not want to have any setback at all, and I especially don't want to loose my ends at all. I want to trim it myself when I flatiron in August. 

I am back to a low or no manipulation regimen and the easiest one is to thread my hair and wear my wigs. Found this old wig I had and just restyled it with a brush. It isn't bad looking and I'm looking forward to rocking it for at least 3 weeks. I am going to kill my boredom this time.....keep looking at the greater good keeping my hair away will do for me. 

The key really to growing out relaxed hair long is to keep manipulation to the barest minimum. At least for me, that is the huge factor that really makes or breaks me. If I leave my hair loose for just 2 or 3 weeks, I experience a lot of breakage. That's mostly because I just can't keep my hands out of my hair, and once the new growth starts coming in, there is that war between the textures. I style it this way, and that way, and then another way and then......geeeeeeeeeeeez, give this hair a break.....lol!!

In the next few weeks, I would try my hardest to answer the reader questions I've had in detail. I'm really grateful that you keep reading my blog and giving me feedback. You're awesome!! I really hope my blog inspires you out there and if there is something I could do to make you enjoy this blog better, kindly leave it in the comment box below. I do give lots of tips on my facebook page everyday on how to grow hair long and try not to lecture here on this blog....*covers face*. But if there's anything you would like me to write about in detail here, kindly let me know. 

Let's cut the talk and see some pictures........Tadaaaaaaaaaaa!! This is my look for the next few weeks.  *huuuuuuuuuuuuuge grin*

regimen for relaxed hair

What kind of wigs do you like? Long or short? Curly or straight?


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Relaxer Update

Relaxer day, Saturday 12th July went on very well and I'm 5 days post. I used Vitale relaxer and the same products I use on previous relaxer days, and used the same methods. I washed my hair yesterday and find that I am still texlaxed though I allowed the hairdresser to smooth within the last 2 minutes with the comb because I wanted my hair 80% straight. I had issues with reversion with last February's relaxer and had to relax again after just 6 weeks. 

relaxed hair ponytailsthick relaxed hair

Overall, I am happy that I see progress though I was only 12 weeks post. My hair was very thick even on relaxer day and a day after though I rollerset using setting lotion. I see increase in length too. I am deeply thrilled because my roots are texlaxed so my hair may really be longer than it shows. I still do not want to flatiron yet and just hope to reach my bra strap length goal without having to flatiron my hair to get the length. I love voluminous hair and airdrying gives me just that!

After my wash 2 days ago, I find that my hair is reverting again especially at the back and I don't know how much more it would revert. Looks like 70% straight right now but the back feels heavy and extremely thick. It tangles a lot back there already. I will put it in braids or thread it up and wear my wig if I find it unmanageable in the coming weeks. I have to find a workable solution to my texlaxed woes because I really like the thickness that comes with it. If only my hair would be more manageable!!

How long before you do a corrective relaxer when needed?


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hair Update: Cornrows Out, Preparing for Next Relaxer

It's been such a long time! Yes, my hair life has been so boring. I took my cornrows out last week and have been wigging since then. Nothing has changed in my regimen and I am just looking forward to relaxing on Saturday.

african threading
wig regimen for relaxed hair

Though I would be only 12 weeks post, I've decided to end my stretch because wash days are not easy at all. The texlaxed middle just clumps up though I wash in sections, and gets all tangled I literally have to pick at the hair strands one by one to detangle.

Combing is a no-no as my hair just begins to break off like crazy. I just thread my hair when I finish washing and detangling, wear a wig cap and my wig. I started inversion this week and will end this weekend. My shedding is literally non-existent now, it's at the barest minimum and I'm so happy Groganics is working real good for me. It's the breakage I can barely control. The less I touch my hair, the better till I retouch on Saturday.

groganics hair vitamins

I am loving how Groganics vitamins is growing my nails like crazy. I believe all the thick new growth is also courtesy of Groganics as I stopped using T444Z when I started taking the pills.  Just a month and my nails are so long and haven't broken off despite the chores I do. That is something!! I will still texlax though I'm hoping I get up to 90% straight this time. I will not mix the relaxer as always and just stick to the time. It is never enough to process my hair bone straight anyway...lol! My hair has a mind of it's own as to how it behaves on relaxer day. I have just decided to live with it. Smh.

Does your relaxer day always produce the results you want? 


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

New Protective Style: Cornrows

protective style cornrowsprotective style cornrows

protective style cornrows

I got cornrows as planned last Saturday and hope to keep them in for at least 3 weeks. I want to use my heat pass at the end of July to flatiron and do a mid year length check as I have some texlaxed length. I hope to stretch till the end of July. I am currently 7 weeks post. Keeping my hair in braids has really helped me stretch this far. I deep conditioned with Vitale Mayonnaise mixed with Vatika Almond oil which I had purchased sometime back. I sat under the dryer for deeper absorption of the conditioner and I loved how my ends felt after rollersetting and hood drying. Totally frizz-free and amazing to see and touch! It took a lot of will to install the cornrows as planned.

I am still on a challenge to use up my stash before I buy new items....I definitely failed this month as I purchased some Groganics products. It had been on my wishlist for so long I just couldn't help it. I am joining a "Use up Your Stash" challenge hosted by fellow blogger Ghanaianemprezz to see if it helps keep me in check. I'm challenging myself to use up 3 products before I purchase 1 product....and even so, only if I really need. Ultimately, I hope to reduce my stash to 10 products, excluding oils by the end of the year as I have a ton of used and unused products. My sister will be back on holidays soon and I know my stash will get used up much quicker as it's her long vacation of 3 months. My littlest sister also just completed high school and intends to grow her natural hair. She has just abt 2 inches of hair now. Will send her some stuff too. I really dunno how I accumulated so many products within a year. I have really been careful not to purchase anything since last September...unless I really, really, really needed them. I will do a post on what I have now and update you on my "Use up Your Stash" progress every month.  

I will keep my cornrows the same way as I have always done. Wash and deep condition whenever I feel like and spray with my homemade mix or Groganics Liquid Scratch. I intend to use the Liquid scratch for ghe at least 3 times a week. I've been lazy with massaging my scalp with T444Z lately. I would have to get a new phone (I'm just so unlucky with fons; always cracking the screen up or sthg...lol) or repair my camera real soon as blogging is boring without having the "show and tell" pictures. 

What is the longest period you have kept a protective style in? 


Monday, 2 June 2014

Loc Extensions Out.....New Products!

My hair has been boredom.com hence no update for so long. I just got so bored with the loc extensions that I took them out yesterday. They had just turned 4 weeks. I was horrified in the beginning when I realised how I had to cut my hair within some of the locs because I was right about my hair being longer than some of the locs at the back. Yes, once I snipped off the burnt ends of some of the locs, I cut my ends in the process. 

By the time I was done undoing them all, I was over the initial shock and sadness. I left some of the locs in the back with the intention to show it to my hairdresser as I told her several times to make sure she braided to the end at the back as I could not see for myself. I did keep a close eye as she did the crown and front and always pointed out where I saw my hair sticking out. The front was intact...but the harm had already been done at the back. I decided not to bother anyway as my back grows faster than my front. 

One thing I noticed was how easily my hair detangled this time. I was very consistent with spraying with Hawaiian silky, oil and water mix everyday and night. My hair felt super moisturised and silky. Totally frizz-free. Most of the knots detangled easily ....so i didnt have to use water, conditioner and oil. For the tough knots, I decided to try Hawaiian silky as a detangler and mercy me!! Why on earth hadn't I tried that before? It was completely amazing to see and feel how easily the knots came out. No stress, no long hours, no water dripping down my back.....less than an hour for detangling. Woooooooooooooow!! Hawaiian Silky for me is a winner!

I washed my hair with same products and technique as my last wash day except i didn't do a black tea rinse.....but I blowdried on warm setting because I did my wash late and I was too tired to airdry. I have no picture updates now as I broke my fon screen completely on Saturday, and I still haven't fixed my camera. Kindly bear with me in the meantime. 

I just started using the Groganics DHT Blocker system to help with my shedding. I am currently taking their 2 a day hair vitamins; but I take 1 a day. I also used the Liquid Scratch for my braids in the last week before I removed them. Will do a post soon about the products in the whole range I bought. I started inverting yesterday and will continue for 7 days...hopefully. I intend to get cornrows with my own hair at the weekend. 

What are your thoughts about the Groganics DHT Blocker System? 


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Hair Update: 4 Weeks Post

Surprised? Time really flies! 

I am 4 weeks post now and just trying hard to forget about my hair. I've had these loc extensions for 2 weeks but I am mighty bored already. I was hoping I could keep these in for at least 6 weeks but I'm not too sure now. 

I'm trying my best to keep my hair moisturised with the ghe method and I spray with my moisturising mix everyday. I have washed my extensions thrice so far and will wash again tomorrow. I had wanted to wash every 2 weeks but I find that my scalp begins to itch about 4 days after I have washed.

After a long break, I'm back on multivitamin tablets. I wanted to buy Pregnacare but my pharmacist recommended Prowoman instead as I weaned my son. I will take it religiously and see how it helps with my shedding. I'm not particularly fond of pills except when pregnant or breastfeeding but the last thing I want is to lose my hair to a point where I have to cut it all off. If these pills would help until my post-partum shedding stops, I would be too happy!


Friday, 2 May 2014

New Protective Style: Loc Extensions

armpit length relaxed hairI just figured my post-partum shedding woes may no end so soon so the best thing to do was to keep my hair  in a long term protective style; hidden away from my ever-manipulating hands. I decided to get yarn locs.

Once at the salon, the thread was cut and parted ready for installation. At the last minute, I changed my mind and asked if any other extension could be used for the locs apart from the yarn. You should have seen how my face lighted up when she said "Yes". I remembered how I had 3 consecutive sleepless nights the first time I tried the yarn locs and just didn't want that again. So, I agreed to pay for the yarn because it had been shred already. That cost 6ghs but I didnt mind because she installed yarn braids for my daughter when I had to travel and upon undoing it, I realised my daughter didn't lose much hair. So, this hairdresser is really for keeps. Double-packed. Now she can install long term braids for my daughter too which would really help me as hair wash days are marathons. My daughter is 3 years old now. She loves it when I wash her hair, but getting it in plaits is a different story. I only work with her hair wet and after deep conditioning. It is super soft always but she just likes it when I have to chase her around to get her hair done.  My weekends are very busy now. Besides, Lucy....my hairdresser told me she was such a good girl. I believe because my daughter kept asking when I got her braids undone if we were going to the salon....lol!

kid's afro haircareblack girl with long hairblack girl with long hair

2 pack of Darling mesh (as we call it ) were used to install my locs. I simply looooooooooooooved it!! Painless, simple, beautiful, so much accessibility to my scalp. I got home rather late, after 10 pm as she did the installation alone. She had apprentices but they were yet to master the skill so she just let them watch. It took about 8 hours from start to finish. My hair is pretty long and the method used it threading. The locs were pretty long, but as she completed one loc in the front, I was quick to notice my hair was longer than the place where she ended it. She had to unravel a few and thread it a few inches more. 

 yarn loc extensions

I am hopeful that most of my hair was all threaded up because the ends were burnt so if I had hair beyond her knots, they are dead news now. Well, I do have a big trim to do in July so I'm not too bothered. I don't like the thin ends too much though it is hardly noticeable as I don't wear my hair down. This style cost 11ghs for the Darling, 30ghs for the service...41ghs (15usd) in all . I really hope to keep this in for at least 6 weeks. 

How do you keep your braids in for more than 4 weeks? I just get bored after 3 weeks. Help!