Monday, 30 March 2015

New Protective Style: Jumbo Box Braids

It's been ages!! 

Hi lovelies,

My hair has been in big box braids for the past 5 weeks. I have kept my haircare regimen very simple. I simply massage with T444Z food twice a week, spray roots with Groganics braid spray every few days and the braid length with Dark&Lovely braids and weaves braid spray. I massage once in a while with my jbco and oil mix.

New growth after 2 weeks

I had so much new growth after just 2 weeks as pictured above and so much now. You should see my new growth now. Posted to @ghlonghair Instagram page. I am done with my 4th bottle of Groganics vitamins; two months and just started with manetabolism vitamins 2 days ago.I have so much growth , it's unbelievable. I am looking forward to a great detangling session when I take my braids out next week. 

I've washed my hair twice in braids and looks really good still. 

Forgive me for the late post. I'm on holidays from work and getting on my pc sometimes sends me back working ..that's why you haven't heard from me in a long while. I will be back in full force after the Easter Holidays.

Happy EASTER everyone....

What was your latest protective style?


Friday, 20 February 2015

Healthy Hair Meet up: Love In The Church!

Hi lovelies,

The 14th of February, Valentines Day was a great one for me as I got the chance to hold a hair meetup within a christian program for at least 400 young people in Accra, Ghana. The program was dubbed, "Love in the Church" and I was a guest speaker at the event with my "Hair, Health and Beauty"message. Though my talk was within 20 minutes, the interest of the young people were very high and we had a lot of young people visiting our stand after my presentation to ask more questions and seek hair care advice. It was really awesome and a night well spent. 

I had giveaways during the event as well...sponsored by ORS Ghana andAfroRiri Haircare. I can't thank them enough for their continuous support of the GHlonghair brand. 

ors giveaways

At least 50 people went away with products. 

ors products

And my beautiful hair sisters, Ruby, Theresa and Rufina (not pictured below) were there to help out as always. Thank you ladies!

hairmeetup in Ghana

And I loved how my hair turned out.  I washed on Friday night but hair didn't feel right and I had to wash again on Saturday morning. Luckily, I had power so I did a rollerset and sat under the dryer till my hair was completely dry. I did a sort of flat twist with a side bang.

t444z hair foodafroriri hair buttergroganics

Was a great day and I look forward to being invited to more programs as such.

What hairstyle did you wear on Vals day? 


Thursday, 12 February 2015

PYHC : Mega Moisture Mini Challenge

Hi hairdies,

Let the pampering begin!! I'm super -excited and so are the wonderful ladies in the challenge. We just can't stop thinking about how awesome our hair will become by the end of the challenge. Once we can think it, and dream it...and do what we need to do, we will have it! 

Most of us have our hair growing all the time, no matter how slow; it still grows. The challenge is how to retain length. The key to retaining length is breakage control. And one practice that a lot of ladies take for granted is the importance of moisturising and sealing. So we'll start from there!

Mega Moisture Mini Challenge 

Aim: To keep hair ends moisturised, reduce dryness, brittleness and breakage. 


1. Wash hair at least once a week with preferably a sulfate free or low sulfate shampoo.

2. Deep condition after every wash preferably with a mild protein conditioner.

3. Airdry only. No heat.

4. Moisturise with a water-based moisturiser and seal with an oil or cream. 

5. Keep ends tucked away always. Buns or Faux bobs are easy low-manipulation styles you can wear.

6. Check in every week by posting your photo preferably of your ends to facebook or instagram using the hashtag #ghpamperyourhair2015. 

7. This mini challenge ends on 12th March, 2015.

healthy hair challenge
Hair after moisturising and sealing. 

afroriri hair butter
Afroriri Luxe Hair and Scalp Conditioner
afroriri hair butter
Afroriri Luxe Hair  Butter 

I will use the AfroRiri Luxe Hair Butter and AfroRiri Luxe Hair and Scalp Conditioner. I find that using both products; butter first then conditioner to hair feels and looks super moisturised, shiny and soft without feeling limp. Once in a while I will use coconut oil to seal to keep split ends under control. 

Check-in: Leave a comment below stating the moisturiser and oil you will use during the challenge. 


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Hair Challenges I've Joined So Far

Hello lovelies,

Besides the Pamper Your Hair Challenge I am hosting myself, there are so many hair growth challenges out there and being totally all for long, long, and thick, thick hair by the end of this year, I have joined 3......and 1 more. The 3 are kind of major and the last 1, I deem minor because it is easy.

Let's see:

Let's Grow Our Hair Challenge: This is co-hosted by some of my favourite bloggers and I'm in as there will be mini challenges each month to keep participants in check. I really want to dedicate my time to my hair much more this year. 

Growth Challenge 2015 by Phro Group: This is hosted by Phrophro. It is also aimed at hair growth but it is at different levels based on how you want to wear your hair the whole year. I'm doing the Rested Growth Routine. I am challenging myself to keep in my protective styles for 6-8 weeks at a time and I found it perfectly in line with my own hair plans. 

Castor Oil Challenge by Sunshyne: I've decided to try Jamaican Black Castor Oil as a growth aid again. I will be using the Jamaican Mango and Lime brand and hope it works for me. I tried JBCO 2 years ago for growth and didn't see much so I only used it to seal in moisture.Will massage onto my scalp 3 times a week and hope to see results. This time, I will go through the 3 month period the challenge will last. It ends in April. It is hosted by Sunshyne.

Ms Direction Healthy Hair Challenge:  Healthy hair care practices is the focus of this challenge. I deem it a great challenge to because if hair grows fast and breaks fast as well, there will be little to no progress. Having reminders to pay attention to retention is also key. Hosted by Miranisa.

The last one is The Mane Challenge which is simply using Manetabolism Healthy Hair Vitamins which I would begin in May. I just started taking Groganics Vitamins as I don't want my body to get used to the Manetabolism Vitamins....

I will keep up with all the mini challenges the best I can...I aim to get no less than 4 inches more by June, 2015. 

Which hair challenges are you in? 


Friday, 6 February 2015

Pamper Your Hair Challenge Begins!!

Hi hairdies,

Finally, the closing date for the Pamper Your Hair Challenge is past and I present to you the wonderful ladies who are in the quest to grow and maintain their beautiful hair for the next 6 months! At the end of the period, we wish not only to see improvement in length, but also in hair health, thickness, and shine. The winner will be chosen by voting here. 

Meet these wonderful ladies:






 Ghanaian Emprezz


Maame Danquah











18 amazing ladies!! Thank you all for joining in this contest. It's going to be fun and have amazing benefits for your hair and most importantly, give you that boost of happiness and the feeling of accomplishment when you see the changes in your hair in just 6 months!! Let's have fun. Anyone can join in too.....however, only these ladies stand the chance to win the AfroRiri Starter Pack prize. 

Remember to use the hashtag #ghpamperyourhair2015 when you post your hair photos on Instagram and Facebook. 

There will be check-ins at least once a month. 

Are you ready to win ladies? 


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Relaxer Day: At 9 Weeks Post

Hello hairdies,

9 weeks post relaxer

Once again, I gave up on stretching after 9 weeks. Do I consider it a fail? Not at all, because I always tell myself to do what makes me happy. And if at any point in time, even when it comes to my hair, anything about it makes me unhappy, I change it immediately. No second guessing. 

I just couldn't handle all the new growth....or just simply wasn't prepared to. And my hair was breaking much more than I wanted while detangling. Know how I go gaga over just 1 strand breaking off. I was just not prepared to feel bad about my hair. The new growth I had was over 2 inches anyway which is more like results from  a 16-20 week stretch without growth aids so I just grabbed the last bit of relaxer that was left and just slapped it on the sections I had detangled for my weekend wash. I was all smiley after that. Believe me, like I had won a lottery. 

Texlaxed roots

I used the same process I used here.  Only thing I did differently was to smoothe a little with a wide tooth comb. My new growth is denser nowadays and so coily...I figured I would still have texture even if I smoothed, and I was right. I used the same products but the relaxer I used was S&S relaxer made by Ghandour Cosmetices.

The thickness I have is amazing and I just love the look of the strands. I'm just at a point in my hairy life where everything I am using is just awesome! 

I wrapped my hair up for the night and had very smooth results the next day. I used AfroRiri hair butter and scalp&hair conditioner to moisturise and seal my hair......and once again, I felt like a million dollars. Look at the shine and how well moisturised my ends are. By the end of the day, my hair still looks "brand new". The ends don't give me that "I'm mighty thirsty'' look. 

manetabolism hair vitamins
Relaxer Results

That trim I wanted to get when I relax, I didn't think I needed it just yet so I skipped the trim. My right nape broke really badly last August and I see that it is filling in nicely. Will just have to wait till next relaxer day...and trim if I need it. 

This is just a great way for me to start my year in 2015. I am filled with so much optimism that not even a setback will dull my shine....I am discovering more about myself on this journey, loving my hair more, loving myself more, loving my life more. Every bit of it. 

Do you have any challenges with your hair that bother you? 


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Wash Day: Weave out and Massive Growth!

Hello hairdies, 

No words can explain my joy when I finally took my weave out over the weekend. I had kept the weave in for 7 weeks.....a week longer than the last weave which was good. Means now I am pretty sure I can keep protective styles in longer. This time, the fear of the hot, dry harmattan weather wrecking havoc on my hair made it all the more easier to keep it in. My sister helped to take the tracks out and together, we undid the cornrows. The amount of shedding and breakage was not massive. Just normal for a 7 week period.

weave removal8 weeks post

 I had to do a protein treatment immediately because my hair was just too soft and limp. Moisture overload! So I prepooed with ORS Mayonnaise mixed with jbco, coconut oil, honey and eggs. I left it on my hair for about an hour and washed with ORS aloe shampoo, and followed with Groganics shampoo and conditioner. My hair felt soft yet strong after that. I decided to use Kuza cholesterol which I hadn't touched in a long while to DC just to use up what is left as it is not a product I will buy again.

manetabolism hair vitamins

After airdrying, I used Creme of Nature argan oil leave in, I moisturised with AfroRiri hair butter and used the Afroriri hair and scalp conditioner, before sealing in with black castor oil. My hair felt and looked really really good. 

I then decided to check my length after I realised I had between 1.5 and 2 inches of new growth in the past 8 weeks which is AM-AAAAAAA-ZING!! Wooooooooooow! (I keep forgetting to use the length check Tee's I have ). I am officially Bra Strap Length. No doubt in my mind. 

I can give the credit to Manetabolism Healthy Vitamins because I wasn't really using any topical aids except my moisturising mix to oil my scalp. I also did inversion a few days to removing the weave...and knowing I don't get an inch from inversion, and the growth doesn't show till after a week of inverting, I am very convinced the hair vitamins really worked well for me. Besides, the first 2 months I used the pill, I didn't invert but still had awesome new growth. I'm out of bottles and currently using Groganics vitamins which worked amazingly well too though I took 1 a day. I am taking 2 a day as recommended this time. 

Next day, my kinks had shrunk so much and I knew I would give in and relax if I had to deal with styling daily. I just threaded my hair up and I've been wearing wigs since Sunday. Right now, I might just leave my hair alone for a week or 2 and then relax. I did say I wanted to stretch no less than 12 weeks this year, but I do have the growth I would have had in 16 weeks so I think anyday is a good day to relax and the chances of overlapping would be slim.

The Wash Day Experience
I got invited to speak on "Hair and Health" at an event on the 14th of February in Accra and I want to wear my hair out that day so I won't install any long term protective style till then. My monthly goal is to reduce manipulation , minimise breakage and retain any growth I get. Every strand counts, always.

Did you reach your hair length goal for 2014? 

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