Monday, 25 August 2014

Event Giveaways!! ORS Ghana, AfroRiri Haircare, Urban Makes!!

I just can't hide my excitement!! It's 7 days to the meetup!

After publishing my post about the meetup here and on my facebook page, I got a call from ORS Ghana and they proposed to send me some goodies. It's a YES!! I screamed so loud, jumping up and down excitedly in my office. Incidentally, they had an event about 15 minutes drive from where I was to be over the weekend so I proposed I passed by and pick the goodies. And I did!! I drove right there on Saturday afternoon and picked up these goodies for 50 lucky persons!!  Just couldn't wait for them to deliver them.


Hair Meetup ORS products

And thanks to AfroRiri and Urban Makes who have also promised to send me some products for a post event giveaway which would be open to those who attend the meetup on the 31st of August. Both contacts are away in Nigeria and I am tagging it as a post event giveaway because I might not get the products in time for the meetup. But if I get them in time....hurraaaaaaaaaaaay!! More goodies for giveaways! 

There are free tickets available at for all who want to attend the event. Though the ticket is not needed for entry at the event, it will be used in the giveaway contest. Also, the first 50 persons who registered at the site and get to the venue before the giveaway starts, get the goodies that the Ghana Soap School is giving as well that I will pick up tomorrow! I just can't wait to have all those goodies in my hands. 

The post event giveaway details will be given on my Youtube Channel. Please subscribe to get the details and see all that will go down at the meetup. I am very optimistic and looking forward to hosting at least 50 persons at the event. 

I can't say enough to thank my family, colleagues, friends, whatsapp family for all the support they have given and continue to give. Since this meetup is not sponsored, it's been basically friends and family giving time, offering technical help and sponsoring the giveaways . God richly bless you abundantly. Let's look forward to greater things in the future............

Have you attended a hair meetup before? Hope you won't miss mine. 


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hair Meetup: Let's Support Each Other!

Hello everyone,

I am super excited my next meetup is coming on at the end of this month. I am especially interested in following up on the hair journeys of everyone who is on a hair journey, and who share their hair stories and pictures with me. It's just nice to meet ladies who love, love, love healthy hair like you, and share tips and product information. And most importantly, it's great to see how much progress everyone is making on their hair journeys. I have made lots of friends on my hair journey, most are like family now, people I chat with everyday...and I am super excited about meeting them for real.

My sincere thanks goes to the Ghana Soap School who sponsored the banner for the event and will give some free products, Sesi Signature Faces who will do the makeup, Apmen Multimedia who will do the video coverage and photographs, African Roots Clothing for making the Ghlonghair length check shirts that will be on sale at the event. There will be hair products on sale by vendors as well so do come along with your shopping list.

Do you have questions such as:
1. Should I go natural or stay relaxed?           2. Why is my hair not growing?  3. Why is my hair breaking?
4. Can I ever have waist length hair?              5. How should I care for my hair?

...and many more? Or do you have answers you want to share? Then be at the meetup. 

Here are the details: 

hair meetup in Ghana

This event is free!! For more information, you can reach me on +233201979795. Come out in your numbers and let's share our hair stories, share our hair regimens and give each other the support and the encouragement we need. Come and meet ladies who have long, short, natural, relaxed and transitioning hair. Wondering if there will be a giveaway? Of course!! 

I would just love to meet you!! Be there!! 


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hair Update: 4 Weeks Post

I'm extremely happy I have kept my cornrows in for 2 weeks and I honestly miss my hair just a teeny-weeny little bit. I am 4 weeks post now and have some nice new growth. I did inversion this week ....I don't remember when I started but I am sure it's 7 days already. I inverted last Friday and continued without fail till today. Knowing not when I started, that is more than 7 days and I won't invert again till next month.

I do need a hair journal to keep me in check because lately, I don't have regular internet connectivity and it makes blogging and keeping up with everything I do with my hair real hard. I have had a few people asking me why I have long hair (by Ghanaian and I keep wearing hubby isn't enthused about the wigging regimen at all. Keeps insisting I wear my hair out. I do want to wear my hair out but the fact is my hair is not the "wearing out" type. I have very dry hair and my ends just dry out when they are exposed for just a few hours even after moisturising and sealing. Exposing my hair for weeks takes my progress back by months because of the extreme breakage I experience at the ends. Will just keep up with the wigs till 31st August. (Meetup coming up.....details will be up soon.)

ghanaian blogger

My face: I am wondering if I am just being paranoid, but I am feeling suddenly mighty aware of the spots on my face. I have always had acne and pimples but they didn't leave so many spots on my face once they were gone..or they probably faded out real fast I barely noticed. I have bought a whole arsenal of products to start a facial regimen. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the ghe and nightly oil massages. But I don't use so much oil that it drips on my pillowcase so I'm really at a loss. It started way before I started taking the Groganics pills so it's definitely not the cause. 
cornrows for wigs

Yes, you recall I started using Dudu Oson Black Soap back in April but I gave up on it too early. Didn't keep up for more than a month.  I just bathed with the rest of it. I guess I wanted some magical results but hey, these things take time to work...just like hair products. So, I am still reading more beauty blogs and will share the facial regimen I decide on. I intend to go by the regimen religiously till December once I start and I hope to get that flawless face to go with my full APL or BSL (wishing hard) length check photos and videos.....hahahahahhahahaha.....I believe!! 

My new growth feels so soft and is coming in nicely at 4 weeks. I'm sure I have 1/2 inch of growth already but I have to take out the cornrows to be very sure. Now my hair is growing. 

ghanaian blogger4 weeks post

I am not sure I got 1 inch of new growth from inversion yet but as always, I'm looking forward to the new growth coming up within the week. I intend to flat-iron and trim my hair on the 31st of August for the meetup. I washed my hair last Friday and will wash tonight. My wash day regimen is still very simple. Prepoo, shampoo, deep condition, tea rinse, cowash, acv rinse. I have just a little bit of my creme of nature onion infused shampoo left and as soon as it runs out, I will start using the Groganics Deep Freeze shampoo which promises to increase growth and reduce shedding. I will not infuse the onions in this shampoo as I want to experiment with onion juice and oil as a prepoo. My shedding has reduced drastically since I started using the Groganics pills and products...(I can't tell how many times I've said this...forgive me, just too excited). I am on to my last bottle of Groganics pills and hope there will be more available soon so I can restock.

How much new growth do you get at 4 weeks? 


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Sunshine Blogger Award II

Hello everyone!! It's a beautiful day. I feel so blessed!!

Yes!! I got another sunshine blogger award which is a way for bloggers to know other bloggers better, and  for blog fans and readers to know their bloggers as well. Uzuoma of , thanks so much for the award. I love your blog too and loved your responses to the questions you got. I did a response to Ghanaianemprezz's questions yesterday and you can click here for the list of the bloggers I nominated. 

My answers to Uzuoma's questions:

1. What is your favourite dessert? Fruit salads. I don't eat it often but I really love it besides cakes with icing. (watching my weight smh) 
2. What is your ideal vacation? A stay on an exotic beach resort on an island country with lots of sun and breath-taking natural views. Oh, and great tasting food too so I won't miss!

3. Why did you decide to start blogging? I wanted to track my hair journey progress and also help other ladies who wanted to grow their hair by sharing the knowledge and experience I had gained. 
4. What is one tip that you would give to new bloggers? Do whatever makes you happy; and when you get criticized, use it as an opportunity to better yourself at what you do. See it all as constructive. 
5. What do you like to do for fun? I love playing with my kids. Nothing pleases me much more than sharing time with them and hearing their happy laughs and giggles. It's so much fun. 
6. What coutries have you travelled to? Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Mostly work-related (sad face) so I've not seen all the beautiful places there are to see. 
7. Android or iPhone? Android. My gadget life is complicated enough. 
8. What is your favourite blog post that you have written? Onion for Hair Growth. That still attracts so much attention to my blog. 
9. If you could go back to any moment in history, when and where would that be and why? Right back to 2002 when I completed Senior High School so I can start my hair journey right then. My hair would have been butt-length by! It's the only time in my life I really, really, really, really, would like to wind back to. 
10. What is your favourite season? Rainy Season. I'm not fond of the cold but the heat gets unbearable during harmattan. 
11. What are your top 3 hair products? T444Z Hair Food, Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracle worker, Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine leave in conditioner. I love these so much and I pray each day my hair continues to love them. 

Thanks so much for reading. 


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sunshine Blogger Award!

Good to be back to Blogville.....Happy New Month!! 

I got this Sunshine Blogger award from fellow blogger and friend Abena Nyarkoah of blog. Her blog is a must-read; lots of tips for both naturals and relaxed ladies and loads of giveaways too. Wow, there's a giveaway her blog right now!!

  • Acknowledge the nominating blogger with a link to the website. Thanks Emprezz!!
  • Share 11 random facts about myself by answering the questions the nominating blogger has created for me. 
  • List 11 bloggers I believe deserve some recognition and a little blogging love! (I can't nominate the blogger who nominated me.)
  • Let the 11 bloggers know you nominated them.
  • Post 11 questions for the bloggers I nominate to answer. 
Answers to Emprezz's questions:

1.  How did you come up with your blog name? Honestly, it just popped into my head the moment I decided to start a hair journey and blog, and to identify with being Ghanaian and having long hair. It was perfect to call myself GHlonghair....and in the beginning, some fans found it funny I had short hair and was calling myself by the name. After a few months, they got where I was going with the name. *Fingers-crossed* 
2. Do you have a favourite quote? Drink deep or taste not!! 
3. What's your favourite hobby besides blogging? Sleeeeeeeping! *covers face* Lately, it seems to be the one thing I love doing besides work, home care and Am I serious? Yes, I am. 
4. If you could live anywhere in the world other than where you currently live, where would it be? South Africa! (please, wave the wishing wand!!) I just love that country.... it's one of the most beautiful in the world and it's closer to Ghana.#dreamsandpossibilities

5. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Definitely a morning person. I begin to sleep walk as soon as I put my outside lights on......zzzzzzzzzzzzz all the way to bed!!
6. Favourite drink? Schweppes Malt always makes my day.
7. Favourite food? Banku and grilled tilapia.....with fresh pepper sauce and sliced vegetables! Meeeeeehn, my mouth is watering already!

8. If you could be a character from a book, who would it be? Hhehehehhehehehehe, who other than Pocohantas. *wink wink* . Her hair is fascinating!

9. What celebrity would you most like to meet? Oprah Winfrey. She's phenomenal. 
10. One gadget you can't live without? A mobile phone. I loose it in a day and my whole world turns upside down...somehow. 
11. Who inspires you the most? My mum. I look up to her in everything. 

Nominated Bloggers:

Questions for Nominated Bloggers:

1. Which do you love and care for most? Your hair, skins or nails? 
2. Do you still watch cartoons?
3. What have you always wanted in life? Did you get it? 
4. At what age did you last dance in the rain?
5. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning? 
6. Best compliment you have ever received?
7. What type of music do you listen to? 
8. What did you do on your last birthday? 
9. Are you still learning who you are? 
10. What is your favourite thing to spend money on? 
11. Would you rather go a week without bathing but be able to change clothes? Or a week without changing your clothes but be able to bath? 

I got another nomination from Uzuoma of and will answer her questions in the next post. Can't wait!! 


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