Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hair Update: 4 Weeks Post

I'm extremely happy I have kept my cornrows in for 2 weeks and I honestly miss my hair just a teeny-weeny little bit. I am 4 weeks post now and have some nice new growth. I did inversion this week ....I don't remember when I started but I am sure it's 7 days already. I inverted last Friday and continued without fail till today. Knowing not when I started, that is more than 7 days and I won't invert again till next month.

I do need a hair journal to keep me in check because lately, I don't have regular internet connectivity and it makes blogging and keeping up with everything I do with my hair real hard. I have had a few people asking me why I have long hair (by Ghanaian and I keep wearing hubby isn't enthused about the wigging regimen at all. Keeps insisting I wear my hair out. I do want to wear my hair out but the fact is my hair is not the "wearing out" type. I have very dry hair and my ends just dry out when they are exposed for just a few hours even after moisturising and sealing. Exposing my hair for weeks takes my progress back by months because of the extreme breakage I experience at the ends. Will just keep up with the wigs till 31st August. (Meetup coming up.....details will be up soon.)

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My face: I am wondering if I am just being paranoid, but I am feeling suddenly mighty aware of the spots on my face. I have always had acne and pimples but they didn't leave so many spots on my face once they were gone..or they probably faded out real fast I barely noticed. I have bought a whole arsenal of products to start a facial regimen. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the ghe and nightly oil massages. But I don't use so much oil that it drips on my pillowcase so I'm really at a loss. It started way before I started taking the Groganics pills so it's definitely not the cause. 
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Yes, you recall I started using Dudu Oson Black Soap back in April but I gave up on it too early. Didn't keep up for more than a month.  I just bathed with the rest of it. I guess I wanted some magical results but hey, these things take time to work...just like hair products. So, I am still reading more beauty blogs and will share the facial regimen I decide on. I intend to go by the regimen religiously till December once I start and I hope to get that flawless face to go with my full APL or BSL (wishing hard) length check photos and videos.....hahahahahhahahaha.....I believe!! 

My new growth feels so soft and is coming in nicely at 4 weeks. I'm sure I have 1/2 inch of growth already but I have to take out the cornrows to be very sure. Now my hair is growing. 

ghanaian blogger4 weeks post

I am not sure I got 1 inch of new growth from inversion yet but as always, I'm looking forward to the new growth coming up within the week. I intend to flat-iron and trim my hair on the 31st of August for the meetup. I washed my hair last Friday and will wash tonight. My wash day regimen is still very simple. Prepoo, shampoo, deep condition, tea rinse, cowash, acv rinse. I have just a little bit of my creme of nature onion infused shampoo left and as soon as it runs out, I will start using the Groganics Deep Freeze shampoo which promises to increase growth and reduce shedding. I will not infuse the onions in this shampoo as I want to experiment with onion juice and oil as a prepoo. My shedding has reduced drastically since I started using the Groganics pills and products...(I can't tell how many times I've said this...forgive me, just too excited). I am on to my last bottle of Groganics pills and hope there will be more available soon so I can restock.

How much new growth do you get at 4 weeks? 



  1. hehe, you can`t believe this before my hair journey my hair couldnt grow even half an inch. After some few months of my hair journey in addition with inversion method, drinking a lot of water, massaging my scalp with castor oil and doo gro oil as well as taking my multivitamin pills (2 months check) my hair has grown 2 inches, I am 10 weeks post relaxer and i guess i should have 2 and a half inches by now.

    1. Go girl!! And yes, I believe and I'm super excited for you....*happy dance*.....meeeeeeeeeeehn, my hair better start growing faster too!

  2. I live for African black soap! It did wonders for my face clearing out black spots I am currently using a Ghanian made brand called Tama and its great I liquify it since I hate handling bar soaps lol


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