Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Wash Day Horror: Lost All My Relaxed Hair!

It's happened again! I've lost my hair due to my own carelessness...lots and lot of my hair and I'm wondering whether to cut it all off and start over, go natural (yes, I'm highly considering it under these circumstances) or just cut off the thinnest parts and continue. Want to know the details? Here goes......

I was just silly. I've always had issues with wash day in a salon or with other people's hands and for years now, I do my own hair. Even with doing my own hair, the right way,  I still have tangles to deal with. So a friend seeing my hair after so long a while went the usual " wow, it's so thick" , "eiiiiiiii, it's grown papa" (it's grown so much), and all that and offered to wash and style it for me. Not a hairdresser, but loves to do people's hair including my daughter, and does it very well; and had been offering to do mine for ages. Well, I explained as usual how I don't wash my hair anyhow and how it must be in sections and all the hair care mantra, but she insisted to do it carefully and my hair will be fine. So I finally agreed.

We detangled thoroughly and combed through to ensure there were no tangles. Then we went to wash, without me braiding in sections as she insisted my hair was too smelly for sections to be clean while in braids. Well it was really smelly so I accepted. It didn't take 5 minutes in the shower to realise that was a BIG, BIG, BIG MISTAKE. My hair matted and tangled so bad in many places especially the crown, like nothing I have ever experienced yet right after shampooing and we both tried everything to remove the clamps. Detangler, oil, double deep conditioning, picking at the tangles with a oh my nothing worked and we were at it for hours. Myself, my friend and my nanny. Oh, we did everything to no avail. Finally, my friend left promising to come help next day, offering apologies but I knew nothing will work anyways and didn't want to make her feel any worse than she felt so just told her it was nothing and I'll just work on it. Later with the help of my nanny,  we had to cut through some of the knots with a razor to save some strands and had to cut off a big chunk in my crown down to about 4 inches because nothing we tried worked at the knots. 

As you can see from my face, I had little sleep that night as I stayed up till almost midnight trying to work the tangles out as doing so the next day would only make it worse. The line of demarcation now shows so clearly cos my ends are really see-through now. Time to chop chop chop ......and go fully texlaxed or natural (still thinking). As I wrote this post, my memory card corrupted and all I have are these pixs I sent to one of my hair buddies earlier. My hair is in plaits now and at the weekend, will take time to do a better photo story. 

Oh, how I wish that day hadn't come, how did this happen, had I known, ......*quickly removes that thought* especially the first one!! That day not coming, no no no....each day is wonderful and no matter how bad it turns out, we need to appreciate once we wake up from bed, we live to fight another and victory will surely be ours one day! Looking back at the last time my hair was free, it was really, really thick with struggling ends and just a huge trim would have been all I needed. Now , I don't know what to expect after the cut. I am only looking forward to some vitamins and biotin I ordered from the US arriving soon after my cut so I can grow this hair right back. But, we focus not on the past, but we look forward to embrace new beginnings. That's just how I feel right now. I've lost nothing at all.

So, I'm moving forward and thankful I'm not totally bald. I need a huge cut. All the way close to the new growth I have because I lost a lot of texlaxed hair as well...My hair now is the thinnest in years but thank God I have about 2-3 inches of new growth. Well, I had already planned going fully texlaxed after my next texlax and have brand new scissors just for the job. So I'm sad, but not to tears...*I'm surprised I didn't even shed a single tear*  but I'm just going to seize the opportunity to just do the big chop once and for all. I'm going to follow the Lunar hair cutting days to lengthen which are 28th and 29th February. Can't wait and hopefully, I'll film it for my Youtube channel

Which way should I go? Natural or Texlaxed?


Monday, 1 February 2016

My Hair Goals for 2016

It's been a minute and all too soon, we are already in the 2nd month of the year. That really tells that time flies and what one has got to do, one has got to do now!!

So I decided to put down my hair goals for the year. It's the first time I'm actually writing them down and I feel like I can really be serious with accomplishing them. I definitely want to get a step further than getting 6 inches in a year because this is my Year of Trimming and I'm going to lose a lot of length. 

Check out what my hair goals are in my youtube video here: 

Consistency is Key and Patience is Golden. I pray for both this year.

Have you got any hair goals for 2016?...I'll love to read them.

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