Friday, 4 March 2016

Big Chopped!! Relaxed to Texlaxed!

And............ I'm just so excited I can't believe myself. I just lost a lot of length but I mostly feel so liberated and so back to the "feel good" factor that came with this hair journey in the beginning...No more do I feel like hair days are going to be work days. Honestly, that's just how this whole neglecting my hair started. It was real work with handling the 3 textures and I realised that now after my wash day after cutting my hair off. 

And surprisingly, that huge chunk in the crown that is almost completely natural, I seem to be giving much more tender loving care. Is it because it is short and I want it to grow out faster or because it is natural and I'm loving it? Hmmmmmmm, confused myself. 

Maybe I'm jumping too fast now...let's see how the next wash days will leave me feeling. Want to see how I cut it all off? Check my video below.

Let's grow it all back ...will we?!! 


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