Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Wash Day: Weave out and Massive Growth!

Hello hairdies, 

No words can explain my joy when I finally took my weave out over the weekend. I had kept the weave in for 7 weeks.....a week longer than the last weave which was good. Means now I am pretty sure I can keep protective styles in longer. This time, the fear of the hot, dry harmattan weather wrecking havoc on my hair made it all the more easier to keep it in. My sister helped to take the tracks out and together, we undid the cornrows. The amount of shedding and breakage was not massive. Just normal for a 7 week period.

weave removal8 weeks post

 I had to do a protein treatment immediately because my hair was just too soft and limp. Moisture overload! So I prepooed with ORS Mayonnaise mixed with jbco, coconut oil, honey and eggs. I left it on my hair for about an hour and washed with ORS aloe shampoo, and followed with Groganics shampoo and conditioner. My hair felt soft yet strong after that. I decided to use Kuza cholesterol which I hadn't touched in a long while to DC just to use up what is left as it is not a product I will buy again.

manetabolism hair vitamins

After airdrying, I used Creme of Nature argan oil leave in, I moisturised with AfroRiri hair butter and used the Afroriri hair and scalp conditioner, before sealing in with black castor oil. My hair felt and looked really really good. 

I then decided to check my length after I realised I had between 1.5 and 2 inches of new growth in the past 8 weeks which is AM-AAAAAAA-ZING!! Wooooooooooow! (I keep forgetting to use the length check Tee's I have ). I am officially Bra Strap Length. No doubt in my mind. 

I can give the credit to Manetabolism Healthy Vitamins because I wasn't really using any topical aids except my moisturising mix to oil my scalp. I also did inversion a few days to removing the weave...and knowing I don't get an inch from inversion, and the growth doesn't show till after a week of inverting, I am very convinced the hair vitamins really worked well for me. Besides, the first 2 months I used the pill, I didn't invert but still had awesome new growth. I'm out of bottles and currently using Groganics vitamins which worked amazingly well too though I took 1 a day. I am taking 2 a day as recommended this time. 

Next day, my kinks had shrunk so much and I knew I would give in and relax if I had to deal with styling daily. I just threaded my hair up and I've been wearing wigs since Sunday. Right now, I might just leave my hair alone for a week or 2 and then relax. I did say I wanted to stretch no less than 12 weeks this year, but I do have the growth I would have had in 16 weeks so I think anyday is a good day to relax and the chances of overlapping would be slim.

The Wash Day Experience
I got invited to speak on "Hair and Health" at an event on the 14th of February in Accra and I want to wear my hair out that day so I won't install any long term protective style till then. My monthly goal is to reduce manipulation , minimise breakage and retain any growth I get. Every strand counts, always.

Did you reach your hair length goal for 2014? 


Friday, 16 January 2015

Pamper Your Hair Challenge 2015!!

Hello lovelies,

After several weeks of contemplating the best challenge to start on my blog after entering other challenges, I figured a Pamper Your Hair Challenge would be great as such a challenge will encompass everything needed to help our hair to flourish, with a prize to be won every 6 months! It is my hope to continue running the challenge every 6 months to keep us all going on with our hair journeys, even if we get setbacks. Hair challenges really help. It is my own small way of giving more motivation to all ladies on hair journeys....I am giving as I have received. 

The challenge would run 2 times a year if this first edition is successful. Remember, it is not only about length but about health as well. At the end of the duration, 3 contenders will be chosen and the one with the highest votes wins.

Winner takes away an Afroriri Starter Pack which contains Aloe Black Shampoo, Detangling Conditioner, Luxe Hair Butter, Luxe Hair and Scalp Conditioner and a Satin Sleep cap in a beautiful carrier bag. 

Photo: naturalistagh.blogspot.com

We all need to challenge ourselves to treat our hair right this year. How many inches of hair would you retain this year? Let's pamper our hair and it would flourish. 

The rules of the challenge are very simple and outlined below:

1. Send your starting photo by posting your photo to facebook or instagram and use the hashtag #ghpamperyourhair2015. I will repost your entry. Keep posting your hair updates, product hauls, product reviews, rollersets, length checks and use the hashtag #ghpamperyourhair2015. You must send in a photo at least once a month.

Duration: January to June and July to December

At the end of the duration, there should be visible improvement in your hair length, health and thickness.

We should avoid the following bad hair practices:

- excessive use of direct heat
- over manipulation and over styling of our hair
- reluctance to deep condition weekly
- use of tiny combs instead of large tooth combs
- sleeping without protecting our hair with a satin cap or scarf
- mistreating our edges such that they fall out
- overprocessing and overlapping our relaxers
- lack of moisturising and sealing hair correctly and frequently
- not drinking enough water
- not eating well balanced diets full of fruits and vegetables
- not exercising regularly
- not taking hair vitamins and supplements religiously

-AND use of inferior or low quality hair products
-refusal to toss or give out products that do not work for our hair type

Use the hashtag #ghpamperyourhair2015 when you post your hair photos to facebook and instagram. Don't forget to tag me @ghlonghair .

This challenge is open to Ghanaians only. However, anyone can enter if they have a valid address in Ghana to receive their prize. Entry ends on 31st January, 2015.

Be challenged!

Have you joined any hair challenges? 


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

1st Runner up and My Prize is In!

Finally, the 6 inches in a year challenge hosted by Dabs of Naijahaircangrow finally ended last week and thanks to my awesome fans who voted for me, I came 2nd. I was so, so happy and excited about all the encouragement and well wishes that flowed in during the voting period. The support was massive. 

Wide Smiles all day long....

Today was my first day at work after the long X'mas holidays and my bubbly self was excited at seeing all my colleagues back at work. Little did I know I had a wonderful surprise coming up! My goody bag from Savvy & Chic. Thanks so much Dabs for sending to my address so soon! I didn't expect the gift in so early as I had no idea any of my colleagues was coming to Ghana so soon. 

Oh boy.....I'm so so happy!

Believe me, I showed off my goody bag for more than an hour.......can you blame me? I even wanted at a point to wear my new length check shirt at work. Seriously?....Yes..lol!

What shall I say to all those who voted for me? THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!

Goodies from Saavy & Chic

HOW YOU CAN ENTER: The contest is open to everyone and is happening this year again on her blog and the deadline for entries is in 3 days. Send your starting photo to Dabs via daboju@yahoo.com. You must have a Nigerian mailing address in order to collect your prize.  It's not too late to enter for a chance to win great, great prizes. Challenge yourself and you'll see that it is so worth it. You can do it too!

I have entered some other challenges this year and will tell you all about them soon. 

Which challenges have you entered this year? 


Monday, 5 January 2015

Hair Goals and Plans for 2015.

Happy New Year everyone! 

As always, it's exciting when the year ends and the expectations and plans for the new year are always a thrill to think of and make.

I had never been able to put down my plans for the year as far as my hair care routine is concerned but I realised at the latter part of 2014 that where I made a plan and carried it through, my hair turned out better.

 I retained a lot of length despite my trims within the year. I had frustrations from transitioning to texlaxed; the shrinkage always gave me the "I'm stuck at the same length" feeling. Now, I have come to embrace it more as I understand it more.

So these are my goals and how I plan to achieve them:

1. I am aiming for Mid Back Length by December 2015. That is my ultimate goal and I plan to continue texlaxing.

2. I will trim my hair 3 times this year. I will trim off no more than 0.5 inches unless extremely necessary.

3. I will install long term protective styles no more than 4 times during the year and keep them in no less than 6 weeks. I will leave 4 weeks between re-installments.

4. I will wash weekly, deep condition weekly and moisturise & seal daily no matter what style I have my hair in. I will dilute my products and use a braid spray when I have braids or weaves.

5. I will massage my scalp and edges with T444Z hair food, JBCO and Groganics head full of hair every 2 days. I will rotate between these topical growth aids.

6. I will make a conscious effort to eat well and drink lots of water. I will take Manetabolism or Groganics vitamins to supplement my diet.

Source: Google images

Source: Google (kibibihair)

I hope to retain no less than 5 inches this year and hopefully I will reach my length goal with that. I am well stocked for 2015 as far as products are concerned and I will not buy any more products unless I really need them.

I really feel good about 2015 and I pray that God will give me the strength to continue this journey and help me have a setback-free year. 

What is your hair length goal by December 2015?


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