Friday, 16 January 2015

Pamper Your Hair Challenge 2015!!

Hello lovelies,

After several weeks of contemplating the best challenge to start on my blog after entering other challenges, I figured a Pamper Your Hair Challenge would be great as such a challenge will encompass everything needed to help our hair to flourish, with a prize to be won every 6 months! It is my hope to continue running the challenge every 6 months to keep us all going on with our hair journeys, even if we get setbacks. Hair challenges really help. It is my own small way of giving more motivation to all ladies on hair journeys....I am giving as I have received. 

The challenge would run 2 times a year if this first edition is successful. Remember, it is not only about length but about health as well. At the end of the duration, 3 contenders will be chosen and the one with the highest votes wins.

Winner takes away an Afroriri Starter Pack which contains Aloe Black Shampoo, Detangling Conditioner, Luxe Hair Butter, Luxe Hair and Scalp Conditioner and a Satin Sleep cap in a beautiful carrier bag. 


We all need to challenge ourselves to treat our hair right this year. How many inches of hair would you retain this year? Let's pamper our hair and it would flourish. 

The rules of the challenge are very simple and outlined below:

1. Send your starting photo by posting your photo to facebook or instagram and use the hashtag #ghpamperyourhair2015. I will repost your entry. Keep posting your hair updates, product hauls, product reviews, rollersets, length checks and use the hashtag #ghpamperyourhair2015. You must send in a photo at least once a month.

Duration: January to June and July to December

At the end of the duration, there should be visible improvement in your hair length, health and thickness.

We should avoid the following bad hair practices:

- excessive use of direct heat
- over manipulation and over styling of our hair
- reluctance to deep condition weekly
- use of tiny combs instead of large tooth combs
- sleeping without protecting our hair with a satin cap or scarf
- mistreating our edges such that they fall out
- overprocessing and overlapping our relaxers
- lack of moisturising and sealing hair correctly and frequently
- not drinking enough water
- not eating well balanced diets full of fruits and vegetables
- not exercising regularly
- not taking hair vitamins and supplements religiously

-AND use of inferior or low quality hair products
-refusal to toss or give out products that do not work for our hair type

Use the hashtag #ghpamperyourhair2015 when you post your hair photos to facebook and instagram. Don't forget to tag me @ghlonghair .

This challenge is open to Ghanaians only. However, anyone can enter if they have a valid address in Ghana to receive their prize. Entry ends on 31st January, 2015.

Be challenged!

Have you joined any hair challenges? 



  1. Wow Cant wait win. Thanks dear for this opportunity

  2. Wow! Cant wait to win, thanks dear for this opportunity

  3. Yayyyyyy!!!! #ghpamperyourhair2015!!!!!!! love the AfroRiri products and looking forward to winning this!

    1. Great, great product line.....simply amazing!

  4. yipeeeeeee! When does the entry for the challenge end?this is because i would like to join this challenge but i dont live in Ghana, I live in Nigeria so i need to look for an address to enable me register for it.

    1. Thanks dear for the reminder..end of this month. I updated it in the post now.....all the best!

  5. I CNT wait to be pronounced winner! :)
    Tnx Star 4 this opportunity.

  6. You have great hair looking very dashing .
    i like long hair .
    if any one wants long hair they can use over product .

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