Wednesday, 7 January 2015

1st Runner up and My Prize is In!

Finally, the 6 inches in a year challenge hosted by Dabs of Naijahaircangrow finally ended last week and thanks to my awesome fans who voted for me, I came 2nd. I was so, so happy and excited about all the encouragement and well wishes that flowed in during the voting period. The support was massive. 

Wide Smiles all day long....

Today was my first day at work after the long X'mas holidays and my bubbly self was excited at seeing all my colleagues back at work. Little did I know I had a wonderful surprise coming up! My goody bag from Savvy & Chic. Thanks so much Dabs for sending to my address so soon! I didn't expect the gift in so early as I had no idea any of my colleagues was coming to Ghana so soon. 

Oh boy.....I'm so so happy!

Believe me, I showed off my goody bag for more than an hour.......can you blame me? I even wanted at a point to wear my new length check shirt at work. Seriously?!

What shall I say to all those who voted for me? THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!

Goodies from Saavy & Chic

HOW YOU CAN ENTER: The contest is open to everyone and is happening this year again on her blog and the deadline for entries is in 3 days. Send your starting photo to Dabs via You must have a Nigerian mailing address in order to collect your prize.  It's not too late to enter for a chance to win great, great prizes. Challenge yourself and you'll see that it is so worth it. You can do it too!

I have entered some other challenges this year and will tell you all about them soon. 

Which challenges have you entered this year? 



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