Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Hair Update at 4 Week Post

Thank you all for your patience and concern while I was away for God knows how long! All the while, I thought it was just a few weeks. My goodness, I'm ashamed it's been so long since I posted anything. Glad to be back and I'll not vanish like this again. 

I've been quite well and my hair is doing fine. Only issue is the reversion is getting worse ; or I'm just over-reacting? I really haven't gotten used to the texlaxed parts that much or rather the shrinkage that comes with it. I have found great products that make it easy for me to manage, but the shrinkage when I do not use heat is a little less welcome now but only because my roots look way thicker when that happens and my ends look miserable and far thinner. 

I relaxed 4 weeks ago at my regular salon and she did a great job. However, just a few minutes before washing it out, I let her smooth with a comb and told her to let it go over the texlaxed parts to loosen them a bit. My ends were thin and the left side had outgrown the right by far and she asked to trim it out a bit. I agreed and decided not to even look in order not to stop the trim as it's something I'd been considering for a long while. At first I thought it was a successful "corrective". But after 4 weeks now, doesn't look like it loosened one bit. Below is my hair after relaxing. I just took it out of a bun and took the photo without combing.  The ends are still way thinner than the middle. 

diva by cindy products

I try my best to prevent breakage by deep conditioning often, moisturising often (not daily anymore though this would be the best situation), and washing at least once in 2 weeks, if not weekly. I got that lazy and I think my hair doesn't like the "once in a while" wash. I noticed this week that it gets dried out quicker than it used to so I've had to moisturise at least every 2 days. 

My ends were not looking that healthy anymore after some lazy weeks and I snipped some off last weekend. I am yet to do a length check again.

Manetabolism update: I was on antibiotics and anti-malarial drugs for a long while due to an ear infection and my battles with malaria and mosquitoes ..... and I didn't take my pills that often. After 2 months, I still have some pills in my bottle. I've decided to wait till I'm totally fine before I start with the hair vitamins again. 

relaxer update

But 2 weeks ago, before my hair began to look horrible to me recently,....... well my sisters say I'm being complacent and getting scissor-happy again.....everything was fine. 

diva by cindy products

I got Diva by Cindy hair products from Cindy Tawiah a month ago and I've been trying them out for the past 3 weeks. I love how soft and manageable they make my hair feel, and I love the tingle the shampoo gives. Very soothing on the scalp. They give that silky feel after wash day. They don't weigh the air down at all which is fabulous. I use the leave in detangler every few days and the hair gro on my edges 3 times a week. I had an occasion at the end of March and I used the products for my wash. I used the detangler right in my hair before I applied a little grapeseed oil and blow dried it. My hair just felt so right afterwards!! I got that " Is that your hair?" question all weekend. 

diva by cindy products

texlaxed hair

Right now, my ends are better after the trim on Saturday but when I comb it all back and I see the thicker middle, I just feel like doing away with the bone straight ends. For now, I just bun it or tuck it away all week because I really want to continue growing it and cutting the straighter ends bit by bit though the desire to chop is overwhelming. 

I don't wish to come up with any surprise chop, but ........hmmmmmmmmmmmm....looks like I just want 3 or 4 inches off. 

How do you feel about your hair today? 



  1. Your hair is looking luscious and healthy. Can't wait to get to this length.

  2. Nice update. It's definitely been a while. Looking forward to more and your hair is looking really amazeballs.

    A tutorial to that hair do will be greatly appreciated.

    Stay blessed!

    1. Thanks so much especially for the heads up on how loooooooong I'd been away. I will surely do a tutorial real soon.

  3. Your hair is beautifully thick! Is it the texlaxing or groganics?

  4. Pls what relaxer did you use 4wks before these pics were taken? Nice hair.kudos!

  5. Pls what relaxer did you use 4wks before the above pics were taken? Nice hair.kudos!

  6. Pls what relaxer did you use ? Nice hair.kudos!

  7. I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say that your hair looks so full and luscious in this pic. Hope you are feeling better.


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