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Product Review: Afroriri Luxe Hair Butter

Hello lovelies!!

This is one post that I have been dying to make a video of but unfortunately I have technical challenges so would just write everything......and hope you catch the excitement in my words as you read. It's going to be a long post .....brace yourself...*wide smile*

Afroriri Hair Butter is the product I would be reviewing today!! 

afroriri hair butter
How I got Afroriri Butter:  I got contacted by Afroriri Haircare some months ago on my facebook page asking if I would love to try out their products and review. Oh glory answer was YES....and so because I quickly checked out their website and the products especially the ingredients were very inviting. They sent me the hair butter through a fellow blogger in Ghana. Their products are made in Nigeria but they have agents in some West African countries and Ukraine.

Later, I also got their black soap shampoo, detangling conditioner, luxe hair and scalp conditioner and satin cap in the beautiful bag when their team visited Ghana at the end of last year and I will review the other products in following posts. 

Size: 250ml 

Price: It is sold for 35ghs in Ghana. 

Packaging: It comes in white jar with a simple glued-on label. Nothing extremely fancy. 

Ingredients: It is made of sheabutter, cocoa butter, castor oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil....and a host of wonderful oils as on label below. It comes in the consistency of a whipped butter. 

I simply fell in love with these ingredients!! It came as no surprise to me that Afroriri butter won an award in Nigeria. Whose hair wouldn't love these rich hair goodies? With these ingredients, though the butter came solid, after a while it melted because of the hot weather. This is not a problem if you keep the jar upright where you keep it. However, because I have kids who love to play with my products, I refrigerate it to keep it solid as the product is able to seep from the closed jar even if tightly closed. I love how it easily melts onto my fingers when I use it. Also, I realised that when exposed to too much heat, the product evaporates a bit. It is best to store in a cool place. 

afroriri hair butter

Scent and colour: I loved the scent from the first day. Very pleasant and toffee-like...sweet! It doesn't have the strong sheabutter scent that comes with  some other shea products. However, when I later got some other jars for my online store, the scent wasn't exactly the same as the first and the sheabutter scent was stronger for some jars. So I guess the scent depends to a large extent on the sheabutter, kernel, castor ..etc etc oils and that is understandable as their ingredients are organic. The colour also varies from jar to jar..I noticed this as well. But I had 2 jars for myself, different colours, different scents.....but the effect on my hair was the exact same. Perfectly moisturising.

Promises and Uses: Locks in moisture in hair strands, conditions hair making it softer nad more manageable. Strengthens and thickens hair and protects from dryness, split ends and shedding. Use as a leave-in conditioner, on slightly damp hair before blowdrying, as a scalp conditioner between braids and weaves and as a steam treatment. With continuous use, you will notice softer, fuller and richer hair. 

afroriri hair butterThis product is extreeeeeemely moisturising for my hair. I would say that these promises are so true for my hair...100% convinced! It is just amaaaaaaazing that when I moisturise my hair with this butter, it just comes alive. No matter how dry, dull, tired-looking it is, as soon as I apply this butter, my hair feels like I just had a hot oil or deep conditioning treatment. I have used this product for over 4 months, and I still have the same feeling of awesomeness. My hair still loves it totally!! A little goes a long way so a jar can last for many months. A great deal is also that it works for all hair types...natural, relaxed, texlaxed, loc'd hair can all enjoy this butter.
I have tried this product in all ways except as a leave in conditioner on wet hair. It worked great as a deep conditioning treatment and I leave mine in overnight or for no less than 4 hours before shampooing. I usually deep condition on dry hair. My ends "heal" instantly and I can let my hair down confidently..... and I also love the volume I've got over time. I have less breakage and my hair looks and feels better, has great shine and is more manageable. I started using it initially on my hair as a moisturiser only but for the past month, after I saw some progress photos and the mention that  it was a growth aid too I have been applying it to my scalp and I have noticed thicker new growth as well. It promises to help grow hair in 4 weeks, and I believe it really does. I would keep applying it to my scalp every 3 days as I do currently. I wish I had time to apply it to my scalp everyday. Can't imagine how much new growth I would have had to deal with. 

afroriri hair butter

Would I purchase this product?

Absolutely! YES, YES and YES as long as my hair keeps loving it. It is a 5 star moisturiser for me. It is currently my most loved every day moisturiser.  It is reasonably priced and lasts very long. And from the reviews I've got from other users in Ghana, Afroriri hair butter has come to stay!! I just love it!! 

Where can you get Afroriri hair butter to buy? You can contact Afroriri Haircare on Instagram @afroririhaircare and check if they have agents in your country. 

Have you tried any hair butters?



  1. This sounds like a wonderful product!

    Thanks for sharing!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

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