Sunday, 28 December 2014

Fun Day at Sajuna Beach Resort

It's been a great month for me! I'm having so much fun this last month of the year ....hhhaaaahhhhaaa...! I'm usually indoors during weekends and holidays, sleeping ....but I did say that's gonna change in 2015. How lovely it is to check out how my 2015 is gonna be....seriously, I'm making it my Year of Fun...

I forgot to charge my fon the night before so I couldn't take more photos as planned. I've been to the resort several times, but I had the most fun this time around. You could feel my excitement, and it was a great day. 

Have a Happy New Year! 


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Hairpiness This Season!

I'm so excited about this Xmas season and I intend to have all the fun I can have within the next few days! I was very, very ill last year all through the Xmas season and I have cause to celebrate...on the double this year.

I went to the beach with my sisters, friends and kids on Sunday and we had a really good time. Want to share the joy of the season with you!

May your heart be filled with happiness, love, joy and may all your expectations in the coming be met a thousand fold!!

Which places do you intend to visit this Christmas?


Monday, 22 December 2014

New Protective Style: Short Weave

Hey hairmily,

I just realised I did not update you on my current hairstyle. My hair has been in a weave for the past weeks and I am keeping a pretty simple regimen that saves time and will allow me to rest during the holidays.

2015 hair goals

I just wash once a week, or when needed. I dilute my products before use. I apply my moisturising mix and oil mix to the tracks where my hair is as best as I can using an old dark and lovely anti-itch applicator bottle . I found the bottle very useful so I just decided to keep it after I used up the product in it.

I am making plans for 2015. I have written down a lot but I am reviewing what I have written down and will put up a final list before the year ends. I do not want to make plans I might not work at achieving. Even if I end up having only one goal, I would put it up.

I am just feeling bored right now but I do need a lot of rest and would just have to keep my hair in this weave. I have no plans of taking them out though they look and feel terrible now after a beach day out and a swim. I had enough sand in my hair to fill a small cup by the time I got home. I spent more than 30 minutes washing it out yesterday...and I still have some sand in it. Will wash on Wednesday because I have plans of swimming tomorrow...but in a pool this time.

Counting the days.................seriously.

What hairstyle will you wear this Christmas?


Friday, 19 December 2014

Tales of my Waist Length Hairventure or Hairventure to Waist Length?

I had been thinking of changing my blog title for a long while because it is similar to another blog title I found a few months after I started my blog.

I've finally come up with two titles and hope you help me choose one. 

1. Tales of my (Waist Length) Hairventure 


2. Hairventure to Waist Length

Hairventure is Hair Adventure shortened, and it sounds cute like all the other words like hairmily, hairdie, hairven, etc that I use in chats with hair friends....and I would want my goal to appear in the title but option 1. sounds nicer without the waist

So as I make plans for 2015, I just decided to carry out one plan I hadn't achieved in 2014. 

2015 is going to be a great all things and I do have some nice plans I'm writing down which I would share with you soon. I'm so hairxcited!!

Which blog title do you like? 1 or 2? 


Monday, 15 December 2014

A Beautiful Soul Gone: Titi Branch (Co-Founder of Miss Jessie's)

OMG!! She's too beautiful to be gone! 

Another hair sister gone......just like that! This is Titi Branch; co-founder of Miss Jessie's Hair Products, a very successful natural hair care line who died at 45 on 4th December, 2014 and whose cause of death is rumoured to be suicide. Then again, you wonder why such a beautiful and successful woman would take her own precious life. You can read her life story here

Titi Branch

I'm just sad that sometimes, depression can get people to such a point of no return. Suicide. Throw away life and all it has to offer. Just like that. One is said to be depressed when one feels deeply dejected, unhappy, sad, dispirited, heavy-hearted, lonely, moody, and hopeless..................just to name a few. And when one doesn't seek medical attention, anything can happen. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! 

Titi Branch

My heart goes out to the family and friends, especially her sister and business partner Miko. May she keep the fire burning and if there were some dreams yet to be achieved, may she rise to the occasion. 

We all have sad and lonely times. Times when our spirits are down. We may have encountered hopeless situations and think there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It may be at work, school, home, neighbourhood, even church..... but what we have to keep doing is rise up and move on. Let go of the hurt. Let go of the pain. Let go of the sadness. Talk to someone. Make new friends. Find ways to make yourself happy. And best of all, TALK TO JESUS!! 

Titi Branch
Source: Google images

I posted this photo to my facebook profile today because I have made a personal decision that nothing is gonna keep me down for more than a day. Oh no no no no! Whatever happens, I have decided not to brood. I'll just take it as one of those things and shake it off in the morning with that happy jump right there. 

Life is beautiful! It is sweet and sour, life is tough but it goes on. 

R.I.P Titi! May you find eternal rest.


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Versatile Blogger Award

Hi lovelies,

My lovely blogger friends Bee of GlamLushHair and Kirsty of BlackHairSpice nominated me for this award and I'm mighty excited about this "knowing me" post.

Medaaaaase papaaaapa! (Thank you so much).

What's the Versatile Blogger Award? 

The Versatile Blogger Award is an award to "honor those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether everyday or only now and then."

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Include a link  to their blog.
3. Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow regularly.
4. Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award (you might include a link to VBA site.) 
5. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. 

Ready?......................Let's go!

1. Thanks Bee and Kirsty!

2. Check out their awesome hair blogs: and

3. The following are great bloggers that I follow and nominate for this award:


Click on their names to read their blogs! Happy reading!

This is me!! 

Seven Random Things About Me:

1. I love sleep! Once I was got of university, I just got into the habit of sleeping early. I could no longer stay up to watch movies, read till midnight or spend evenings out. I just preferred sleeping to doing anything else...and still do. *covers face* The only time you find me awake after 8:30pm, on days that I don't have an evening class or close late from work is if my daughter is still up. I'm at a point where it has become a bad habit that I have to overcome. After all, there is more sleep after ...........................!
Wake up girl and burn the midnight candle! 

2. I love to talk and talk and talk when I meet new people. That's if they look interested in what I'm saying. And lately, most of the talk is on general well-being and hair growth. 

3. I love high heels! But more on my shoe rack than on my feet. I'm not sure if I should blame it on motherhood though, but I'm always in slippers like the above photo almost everywhere I go. I usually take a pair of heels when I have to play a role at a function and wear them only when "it's time". I take them off right after and go back to my slippers. That irritates my hubby but I always tell him "it's not my fault oooooo, I just get tired real fast in heels now". And that is the truth. 

4. I suck at sports! The only game I played well years back was lawn tennis...and this was over 10 years ago. Though I have the opportunity to find a soft spot for sports especially lawn tennis again, I just prefer to watch and cheer on. 

5. I always dream of South Africa. It's just a country I would love to visit real soon. 

6. I love to be cheerful and bubbly. I laugh loads and really loud. My friends and family used to say they just needed to be silent and listen for just a few minutes to find me cos my laughter was like their compass.....hahhahahhahaaahhaha. But, I make it known when someone annoys me real quick and snappy...say all I have to say, then I'm back to being me. No room to dull my shine; I'm a star after all. 

7. I have very few material things on my wishlist...most on my list are hair products. I barely think about cars, clothes, shoes and luxury vacations. Many ask me if I want to be rich? I say not really. All I plan to acquire is enough to live a peaceful, nice and happy life after I retire. And I look forward to continuing writing. Oh, yes...I'm already making retirement plans but I just turned 31 yesterday. 

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, would have loved to tell you more but that's 7 already....*sob sob*


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Relaxer Update: At 13 Weeks Post

Hello lovelies! 

texlaxed hairSo it was just me keeping it low to no manipulation till relaxer day. At 13 weeks post, I could not go any further and decided to throw in the towel and relax last weekend. On the 29th of November, I woke up and was mighty excited it was relaxer day for me.

I applied hair pomade heavily to my scalp the night before and applied Roux porosity conditioner over the length of my hair after I sectioned my hair. I used Soft & Silky (S&S) relaxer as I did the last time. I applied it very quickly with my gloved hands and then left it in a few minutes. I did not smooth with a comb as I prefer texture. I rinsed out after 15 minutes and proceeded to deep condition and then neutralise. I used the same products (minus the Vitale relaxer and hemp oil) and the same process as I used on most relaxer days . 

Read this post for more details here

Overall, I had a lot of texture again, but I love how soft and silky my hair feels each time I use this relaxer. I should probably check to see if there is a super strength as it is too mild for my hair type. It doesn't burn at all though it is a lye relaxer. I did not use any heat as usual and just airdried. 

texlaxed hair

I really love my texlaxed thickness. I have at least 6 inches of texlaxed hair now. Remember I started texlaxing at the beginning of the year and I love everything about being texlaxed except the detangling sessions which can get a little tough. I think it will get better once I snip all my relaxed ends off. I will not chop but will trim little by little if the ends remain OK. My hair still sheds, but it is not as crazy as it used to be and I will go back to Groganics DHT blocker products and vitamins ag to see if it will stop completely.

texlaxed hairtexlaxed hair

My newly texlaxed roots is 2 inches long. That's how much new growth I had in 13 weeks. Not bad at all!! Manetabolism hair vitamins really gave me a boost of growth in the last 8 weeks of my stretch when I took 2 pills a day religiously, almost. I missed just 2 days. I fell asleep with the pills in my hand one of the nights, can't stop laughing about that one....and I just forgot the other one night. My lil sister really helped me to take my pills each night. Those 2 nights were the ones where she was asleep by the time I got home from school, which is usually 10pm. I had no less than 1.5 inches of growth for sure from the pills and I might not have gained the full inch because my schedule was crazy in the past weeks, I had upcoming exams and I missed breakfast and supper an awful lot of days. I am onto my 3rd bottle, school is on break, and I would get a break from work before Christmas for 2 weeks so I hope to pamper myself this month in the hopes of getting my full inch. 

I have started making serious hair plans for 2015 and will fill you in on all those. I owe you all a couple of posts and will do well to write every other day to make up. I got a weave on Saturday and will tell you all about it too. 

Thanks for reading. 

Would I reach my Bra Strap Length goal by end of December? 

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