Monday, 22 December 2014

New Protective Style: Short Weave

Hey hairmily,

I just realised I did not update you on my current hairstyle. My hair has been in a weave for the past weeks and I am keeping a pretty simple regimen that saves time and will allow me to rest during the holidays.

2015 hair goals

I just wash once a week, or when needed. I dilute my products before use. I apply my moisturising mix and oil mix to the tracks where my hair is as best as I can using an old dark and lovely anti-itch applicator bottle . I found the bottle very useful so I just decided to keep it after I used up the product in it.

I am making plans for 2015. I have written down a lot but I am reviewing what I have written down and will put up a final list before the year ends. I do not want to make plans I might not work at achieving. Even if I end up having only one goal, I would put it up.

I am just feeling bored right now but I do need a lot of rest and would just have to keep my hair in this weave. I have no plans of taking them out though they look and feel terrible now after a beach day out and a swim. I had enough sand in my hair to fill a small cup by the time I got home. I spent more than 30 minutes washing it out yesterday...and I still have some sand in it. Will wash on Wednesday because I have plans of swimming tomorrow...but in a pool this time.

Counting the days.................seriously.

What hairstyle will you wear this Christmas?


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