Sunday, 28 December 2014

Fun Day at Sajuna Beach Resort

It's been a great month for me! I'm having so much fun this last month of the year ....hhhaaaahhhhaaa...! I'm usually indoors during weekends and holidays, sleeping ....but I did say that's gonna change in 2015. How lovely it is to check out how my 2015 is gonna be....seriously, I'm making it my Year of Fun...

I forgot to charge my fon the night before so I couldn't take more photos as planned. I've been to the resort several times, but I had the most fun this time around. You could feel my excitement, and it was a great day. 

Have a Happy New Year! 



  1. Happy new year doll! You look amazing in your denims! I have been to Accra before but it was a quick 3 day trip but I got to see all the fun parts of the city and went to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial park. I am so looking forward to a return trip in the near future because I really want to go to Elmina/Cape Coast.


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