Friday, 19 December 2014

Tales of my Waist Length Hairventure or Hairventure to Waist Length?

I had been thinking of changing my blog title for a long while because it is similar to another blog title I found a few months after I started my blog.

I've finally come up with two titles and hope you help me choose one. 

1. Tales of my (Waist Length) Hairventure 


2. Hairventure to Waist Length

Hairventure is Hair Adventure shortened, and it sounds cute like all the other words like hairmily, hairdie, hairven, etc that I use in chats with hair friends....and I would want my goal to appear in the title but option 1. sounds nicer without the waist

So as I make plans for 2015, I just decided to carry out one plan I hadn't achieved in 2014. 

2015 is going to be a great all things and I do have some nice plans I'm writing down which I would share with you soon. I'm so hairxcited!!

Which blog title do you like? 1 or 2? 



Thanks for stopping by! Would love it if you left your comments below.

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