Thursday, 8 September 2016

Hairlovers....Star is Back!

Oh My gooooooosh!! I can't believe I've been this lazy!! 

Or was I de-motivated or busy or basically lost for hair words and updates? I'm happy to be back in the space and I absolutely apologise for keeping ya'll waiting. I really missed blogging..was always on my mind but my schedule and life got so fast paced I barely had the energy to write. Been updating on my Youtube Channel though as often as I can though. 

So what's been going on with my hair? Well, after the chop, I am not sure what I want with it now honestly. I'm really yearning to get a low cut at the end of the year, but I don't want it to be short as I don't know what styles I'll be able to wear till it grows long enough to style. But I do love my natural hair and having loads of natural hair products and Cantu sheabutter products, almost the whole range is surely a factor. My natural hair feels happier than my texlaxed hair when I use most of the products I have. I'm being biased smh now opting more for products made for natural hair. 

Do I really want to go natural? Off the top of my head, my answer is no. But I do feel like growing it natural to see if I like it as much as I love all the natural hair ladies I follow. The thick updos always keep me going like wow! Maybe I am just afraid my hair won't be as thick as those I see online eventually. Oh it's a mix of everything between sure and confused...lmao. 

I can't keep my hands out of my natural hair and though it is mostly coily, it is not as coarse as it used to be. I figure it gets better as it grows longer or something like that. 


I usually do flat twists and this here is my first attempt at large braids. Not bad huh? And I got a new camera as a gift from Nelspruit Communications UK ,and I was so so happy. Yaaaaaaaaaay yaaaay yaaaaaaaa!! Time to get better pictures up in this space! 

I will write more often...and thanks to you all for your support over the years. 


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