Monday, 5 December 2016

Hair Styling Woes

I've just been so low key with my hair routine that it is basically as boring as this blog right now! I confess I'm "just there" hair-wise. I still do not comb my hair all week after I style. After wash day, once I succeed at getting it detangled and into a hairstyle, that's it till the next wash day....and takes sometimes 2 weeks to actually wash and change the hairstyle. 

Hmmmmmmmm....I think I suffer from the fear of loss of length and not being able to style my hair in anything besides an afro... which seems to me like the real reason why I haven't chopped everything all off. I have silently been hoping that I'll somehow develop the urge to relax again but so far, no itch to relax at all. 

Another reason is I'm usually so exhausted by the weekend and always have one or more social events to attend that it's just so difficult to keep up with any real regimen. And my kids are such a handful plus I have to do my daughters hair as well which takes a lot of real effort because she doesn't cooperate. Lately, she doesn't want extensions and wants a different hairstyle every few days.... literally she takes up all the hair time..lmao!

Here are some styles I wear often ..

Which of these do you like more?

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