Monday, 5 January 2015

Hair Goals and Plans for 2015.

Happy New Year everyone! 

As always, it's exciting when the year ends and the expectations and plans for the new year are always a thrill to think of and make.

I had never been able to put down my plans for the year as far as my hair care routine is concerned but I realised at the latter part of 2014 that where I made a plan and carried it through, my hair turned out better.

 I retained a lot of length despite my trims within the year. I had frustrations from transitioning to texlaxed; the shrinkage always gave me the "I'm stuck at the same length" feeling. Now, I have come to embrace it more as I understand it more.

So these are my goals and how I plan to achieve them:

1. I am aiming for Mid Back Length by December 2015. That is my ultimate goal and I plan to continue texlaxing.

2. I will trim my hair 3 times this year. I will trim off no more than 0.5 inches unless extremely necessary.

3. I will install long term protective styles no more than 4 times during the year and keep them in no less than 6 weeks. I will leave 4 weeks between re-installments.

4. I will wash weekly, deep condition weekly and moisturise & seal daily no matter what style I have my hair in. I will dilute my products and use a braid spray when I have braids or weaves.

5. I will massage my scalp and edges with T444Z hair food, JBCO and Groganics head full of hair every 2 days. I will rotate between these topical growth aids.

6. I will make a conscious effort to eat well and drink lots of water. I will take Manetabolism or Groganics vitamins to supplement my diet.

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Source: Google (kibibihair)

I hope to retain no less than 5 inches this year and hopefully I will reach my length goal with that. I am well stocked for 2015 as far as products are concerned and I will not buy any more products unless I really need them.

I really feel good about 2015 and I pray that God will give me the strength to continue this journey and help me have a setback-free year. 

What is your hair length goal by December 2015?



  1. These are really solid goals. I really hope you make MBL by December. All the best

    1. Thanks so much! Wishing you all the best with your goals too....

  2. You have set a great goal for your hair this year, I have not set any yet but will walk side by side with yours (covering my face) one thing I promise to do is inversion and green house effect for this twelve month. I wish u all the best and may God help us all, Amen

  3. I want to try manetabolism but i cant find it anywhere in South Africa.

  4. Wow. All the best. I am sure you will achieve your goal


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