Thursday, 9 April 2015

Hair Musings: Braids Out; What Next?

I took my braids out over the weekend and I was a minute away from relaxing but not having a relaxer creme at home, I put my hair in twists .....and have decided to keep them in till I go back to work. 

braid removal

I don't really have anywhere special to go to and I might even go to work in these twists on about putting my hair first! 


Because the braids were large, most of the knots came off easily without even needing a detangler. Some however were so tight, I had to use a detangler. I run out of VO5 conditioner too so I started detangling with Mane n Tail Detangler I won a few months ago...but I realised though it had a lot of slip, it was not meant for hard core detangling sessions needed after braid removal. I grabbed my old bottle of Hawaiian silky 14-in-1 and poured in a little water. I shook the bottle so hard and long and soon enough, I had some product in my bottle lid. I got almost 30ml of the product and used it to detangle the very tight knots in the back and the front around the edges. It just kind of melts the knots away. This product still awes me pleasantly. 

8 weeks post

I had thick growth underneath and detangling was no joke. I lost a lot more hair this time around because I lost patience along the way and was so tired I just put on my sleep cap and slept.....without detangling after washing my hair. Next morning, my roots had clamped together tightly and I had to detangle again all over. 

I had to detangle small sections at a time, and I was thinking to make them small so the hairdressser won't need to section again if I went to the salon to get a retouch. But I put the sections in twists and by the time I was done, it looked OK so I've decided to keep the twists in. 

groganics vitamins  
So I just pulled on my ends to see how much length I have retained and I am just so happy. Thanks to Groganics Vitamins! I've got my proof that 2 pills a day will give up to 1 inch of growth within a month. Thick, thick growth!

Looks like I am past BSL already! I just can't wait to see what my length will be at the middle of the year. I don't look so far from waist length right now and if I do things right, I should be waist length within a year. That will be OMG!!

What's your current length now? 



  1. Girl, I am longing for back length right now. It is below my neck. Something is working! I love your hair though. Great progress!

  2. star, i wish i had the thickness of your hair oooo. guess I'm getting there small small. seriously, your hair is growing pretty wild. hope to join you soon when you get to waist length and beyond. lol,

  3. Wooow the growth is really amaizing

  4. My Current length is the same as you, brushing BSL after my last relaxer. I know the struggle of detangling! I only do it on wash days when I saturate my hair with water and oil. It prevents any breakage during the week and most of the hairs are shed hair! Congrats on your new goal!

    Kenya | With My Coils

  5. Well dear my hairs are really very thin and I can’t make such beautiful braids hairstyle in my hairs. These days I have started using dermmatch for my thin hairs, it is really great product and it covers my thinning part so nicely. Have you ever tried it?

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    1. Vielen Dank und hoffen, dass Sie durch mehr oft zu stoppen. Google helped me to say that....


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