Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hair Meetup: Let's Support Each Other!

Hello everyone,

I am super excited my next meetup is coming on at the end of this month. I am especially interested in following up on the hair journeys of everyone who is on a hair journey, and who share their hair stories and pictures with me. It's just nice to meet ladies who love, love, love healthy hair like you, and share tips and product information. And most importantly, it's great to see how much progress everyone is making on their hair journeys. I have made lots of friends on my hair journey, most are like family now, people I chat with everyday...and I am super excited about meeting them for real.

My sincere thanks goes to the Ghana Soap School who sponsored the banner for the event and will give some free products, Sesi Signature Faces who will do the makeup, Apmen Multimedia who will do the video coverage and photographs, African Roots Clothing for making the Ghlonghair length check shirts that will be on sale at the event. There will be hair products on sale by vendors as well so do come along with your shopping list.

Do you have questions such as:
1. Should I go natural or stay relaxed?           2. Why is my hair not growing?  3. Why is my hair breaking?
4. Can I ever have waist length hair?              5. How should I care for my hair?

...and many more? Or do you have answers you want to share? Then be at the meetup. 

Here are the details: 

hair meetup in Ghana

This event is free!! For more information, you can reach me on +233201979795. Come out in your numbers and let's share our hair stories, share our hair regimens and give each other the support and the encouragement we need. Come and meet ladies who have long, short, natural, relaxed and transitioning hair. Wondering if there will be a giveaway? Of course!! 

I would just love to meet you!! Be there!! 



  1. wow, that is great, wish u all the best!

  2. Thanks a ton, Maame! I'm super excited and hope to get a nice crowd.


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