Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ending Stretch....Almost 6 Months!!

             I can't believe it's been almost 6 months.....24 good weeks since I last had a relaxer!!

                              Woooooooooooooooowww......I did a 6 month stretch!!

The last time I had a relaxer was at the end of August 2012....can't remember the exact date cos I wasn't into my hair journey at that time. I just thought I'd stretch for 12 weeks before I get my relaxer since the last time I tried it, I had great results!! That was when I was experimenting some of the things I had read about growing relaxed hair long and most long haired ladies were stretching their relaxers mostly12 weeks or beyond.

I had seen 24 week stretches with amazing results and yearned for that but since my 12 week stretch was not easy for me, I thought I would never be able to go that far. Believe me, this stretch was completely unintentional. I just kept going on with it once my hair didn't scream at me to stop and here I am!

Since this is the first time I've gone beyond 12 weeks, I have to end my stretch and see what my results are. I can never really tell...but what I realise is that the curl pattern of my new growth is changing. It gets less kinky and is becoming coily with the passing months...and these are some of the things I had been doing seriously since November 2012:

a. I use shampoo only once a month and use conditioner to wash my hair mostly.

b. I do protein treatments at least once a month using eggs mixed with ORS Mayonnaise and I deep condition every week alternating ORS Mayonnaise and CON Argan Oil Deep Conditioner.

c. I washed my hair at least twice a week until recently when I had yarn braids which doesn't dry early and is probably not a good style for workers and those who are always on the move.

d. I did the GHE almost everyday at first, and then everyday now for the past month.

e. I moisturise and seal my hair at least once everyday.

f. I massage my scalp and rub my nails together briskly in a semi-fist at least twice a day for 10 minutes.

g. I drink at least 3.5 litres of water everyday.

f. I eat more fruits and vegetables especially carrots, kontomire, cucumbers, avocados, bananas and oranges. I do not go a day without eating at least one or more of these fruits and veggies, and other recommended ones.

All or some of these practices may be aiding my hair to grow as I noticed at least 1/2 inch of growth every month. I have to prepare my hair for my relaxer so I intend to undo my braids this weekend. I will then use the last week that ends my stretch to strengthen my hair for the relaxer but doing a protein treatment. I will not wash my hair the week to the relaxer as I have a very sensitive scalp. I intend to use the Vitale lye relaxer again.

Dear God,

You know I desire to grow my hair long but I prefer it relaxed. Please let this stretch end successfully. How I will tackle detangling, time will tell but may your grace and mercy abound on that wash day so I don't end up losing all the hair to breakage and shedding.
May your name be praised always for I know that if all doesn't go well, I may still have a good 3 inches of new growth to start a natural hair journey with........Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!
For long life, health and happiness!!




  1. Laughing my heart out!! Praying for youuuu...

  2. Lol Amen to that prayer! You are so funny hahaha make sure you spritz the hair make sure their is oil in your spray bottle makes it smoother before taking out the braids and finger detangle each braid individually helps a lot when you finally comb through the entire head less breakage. Meanwhile I got your comment in my inbox but it seems it disappeared off the blog did you delete it the question about marley hair or something to that effect?

    1. Hhhhhhahhaha....can't help but add prayers fervently!! I will make sure I soak my braids in conditioner and oil. That really worked for me the last time. The knots came out soooooooo easily!! About the comment, I didn't delete it but when I didn't see it later, I thought it wasn't yet published or sthg! Can you forward the mail to me so i can repost it? Cheeeeeeeeeeeeers!!

  3. Hahahahahaha funny at least u'll have 3 inches of growth for a natural hair journey, hehehehe i can pray for that!


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