Friday, 1 March 2013

What Would You Stand In Line For?

What products I would stand in line for? Hhhahahhhaha....... I jumped in answer “SHEABUTTER”!! Got this tag from Abena Nyarkoaa of and I will tag other bloggers at the end too!!

1.      Shea butter: This is always on my shopping list and there have been times when it is the only items on my list....imagine!! It is one product I don’t do without...for my hair and that of my little girl who is on a natural hair journey too though she doesn’t like the idea of my fidgeting with her hair at all!! I use Shea butter to do just about anything I use oils for especially when I use homemade recipes and want to go with all natural from the start of my wash to finish. Thank God we have it in abundance everywhere!!

2.      VO5 Conditioners: My favourite discovery of the year!! Very difficult to find and sure to grab at least 5 the next time I find them on the stalls...I have only tried the Moisture Milks and just run out of it this week. The only store I know that stocks it where I live have only the lavender flavours left but I sure won’t mind trying that one out too!! Once it’s a VO5 conditioner queue, you will surely find me in line.

3.      Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment: I love, love, loooooooooooove this product. Leave my hair so soft, shiny and smooth!! Have used this for at least 6 months sparingly because I have been hunting for it and can’t find it anywhere!! I alternate with another moisturising deep conditioner because I don’t want the precious bottle to get!! Someone please make this product available sometime soon in Ghana because I can only put off the bottle getting empty for just a little while longer. (Sob...sob.....sob)

4.      Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracle Worker: This product I must say has really helped me to stretch my relaxer. It leaves my new growth soft and fairly tangle free. It really is a great detangler! I always apply it to my roots after I shampoo and it makes it easier for the comb to glide through the thick growth. Awesome product!

5.      Castor Oil: I love to massage this into my scalp and I believe it is working at thickening my hair. I have been using it since February last year when I read about its benefits for hair though not constantly back then. I’ve been using this seriously in my regimen since October last year. It is good to seal with if one wishes to m&s only a few times a week. I often add it to my deep conditioner when I want to wash my hair less often which is usually when I have braids and don’t have time for a cowash during the week.

6.      Vitale Life and Body with Olive Oil Lye in Normal Strength: Though I intend to relax less often now, I would definitely join any queue to get this relaxer!! I have never really had a product that was able to relax my hair in a short time leaving it silky smooth!! I want to try texlaxing but I intend to use this relaxer and dilute it with oil. I was pleasantly shocked at the results I had with this relaxer because for years, I thought my hair was too stubborn to ever relax. Most relaxers, both lye and no-lye I had used in the past simply didn’t do the job for me. 

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  1. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another tagggggggg??????? lol i'm too lazy to do 'em but i love to read 'em Seen emprezz's already tho

    1. sorry dear, a great number of your readers are waiting eagerly for your response oooo!!

  2. I like this tag! Thanks for tagging me will do it soonest:) Lydz

  3. really is a great tag!!


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