Friday, 8 March 2013

6 Month Relaxer Stretch Results!!

 (Doing my "awam" Azonto dance over and over and over again!!)

I finally got my relaxer!! I was so anxious about how much progress I would make. The wait is finally over and I'm so happy with my results so far I can't use words to describe my joy!!! If I can make progress at this rate, I would surely get my desired length in 3 years time. Here comes my comparison photos:

24th August, 2012 - 8th December, 2012 - 5th March, 2013
(Neck Length to Shoulder Length)

I'm stuck with editing the videos I made cos of work, work, work!! Hope to get it completed and uploaded soon. Simply subscribe to my GhlonghairStar channel on Youtube and you will get it as soon as I upload it!

This is my real hair, no weaves!! This hair journey of mine is real.  My hair is not soooooooo long but at least I can confidently say that it really grows; our hair really grows! If only we would love and care for it the way we should. It's just hair anyway oooooooooooo, what's the big deal?!! For me, I'm going hair-wire and hair-obsessed!! I'm gonna do all I can to grow my hair.....................wish me luck guys!! I'd be needing it on this looooooong waist length hair journey!!



  1. That is some great length retention especially from December till now. Well done!

    1. Thaaaaaaaanks!! Hope I can keep up with the length retention so I can reach my APL goal by December 2013.

    2. At this rate you will make APL in less than six months and be well on your way to BSL by December 2013!

  2. I am currently doing a 6 month relaxer stretch also. I currently have my second sew in and I am taking hair vitamins as well. I started off with a bob and after I took out my sew in, i had alot of new growth but it still looked the same length. Did you have alot of hair shrinkage before the relaxer? I am discouraged


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