Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Loving my Sock Bun (VIDEO)

Buns are a great way to protect the hair from the elements and I'm loving it more each day. I can't believe I've been sock bunning for the past 2 weeks. I have been hiding my hair!! I haven't let my hair down except on wash days. That is something; because I would ordinarily have been "showing off "my new length...lol!!

Sock Bun Tutorial.

Did this bun myself and I'm loving it!!

That proves to me that I'm really taking this much more seriously than I planned. I do not take my bun down every other day anymore. I moisturise by spraying with water and S-Curl No-Drip and seal by applying jojoba and almond oil on top. I just rub my hands over the hair to get the product in.I still rub my fingernails together and massage lightly with my fingertips.

I had wanted to braid my hair over the weekend but I decided against it. I want to wait to see some new growth....about 1/4 inch or more before I braid again. That gives me more time to take exclusive care of my hair. Since I don't lose much hair when I detangle after braids, I intend to braid at least twice between now and December 2013.

I've almost run out of my CON Shampoo and will definitely get a new bottle by the end of the week or a little later since I don't shampoo every week. I still co-wash every Wednesday, deep condition and wash every Saturday or Sunday.

Unless my hair needs a change, I journey on the same way.



  1. Your hair looks so neat and "fresh" I can't wait to retouch mine in April four more weeks of braids can't wait! Lydz

  2. That looks great :)
    You suit sock buns :)

  3. please can u show the steps with pictures..i luv buns and urs is amazing

    1. thanks dear.....i have a youtube video that shows how i did this bun. That reminds me, i have to update this post by adding the video. Check out my channel GHlonghairStar on Youtube. Do subscribe!!

  4. I like the sock bun idea. I've not seen this before. I may have to give this a try.


    1. You sure have to try it.....love your hair and your blog!!

    2. thank you! and thanks for your tutorial. I actually returned a bun maker to the beauty supply store yesterday. It just didn't work for me. I found your tutorial right on time. I just need to buy some black socks. Lol


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