Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My Regimen A

So, what have I been doing to my hair in the past months?

Yes, been checking and checking and checking ....yet to get the magnifying glasses!

Since everyone's hair is different, what may work for my hair may not work for yours especially when it comes to products. But good hair care practices and length retention methods work for almost everyone. Healthy hair will come naturally from your scalp once you eat healthily and drink lots of water. But length retention, which is a huge challenge for kinky and coily hair has to be a part or full time job depending on how quickly you want to see results.

I want to see results faaaaaaaaaaaaaast so I do as much as I can to reduce breakage. Check out the following practices I engage in to reduce or prevent breakage;

  1. I don't comb my hair with small combs, only wide tooth combs.
  2. I do styles that do not need combing everyday and do not expose my hair often...mainly braids, buns, and bantu knots.
  3. When I braid, I make sure the braids are not too tight and small, usually bigger than the circumference of a pencil.
  4. I wash my hair twice a week with conditioner. Even when I have braids, cornrows or weaves.
  5. I don't use heat at all. No flat irons, no blow dryers, no curling combs; even no hooded dryer. I only use a hooded dryer when I go to the stylist, which has been only 2 times in the past 6 months. I rollerset and airdry, or just airdry with a scarf.
  6. I relax and trim my hair less often....2 to 3 times a year. Will try to reduce to 2 times or less. I however trim whenever my hair needs a trim.
  7. I sleep with a silk scarf every night and cover my hair with my scarf anytime I am indoors.
  8. I take care of MY hair MYSELF. This way, I am sure not to mistreat!!
These steps helped to minimise my hair breakage from August 2012...For once; after a relaxer, my ends don't look like a skeleton!!

What I do daily, weekly and monthly? 

  • Moisturise my ends with a water based moisturiser. I have a spray bottle mix containing water, glycerin, moisturisers and aloe vera gel. I use this whenever my hair is in a protective style.
  • Seal my ends with a 100% virgin, pure or unrefined oil.  
  • Massage my scalp and rub my fingernails together briskly twice daily for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Style my hair in braids, buns, or bantu knots.
  • Do the green house effect every night. 
  • Take my vitamin supplements, eat fruits and vegetables and drink at least 3 litres of water. 

  • Cowash twice on Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday.
  • Deep condition with homemade recipes or store bought products. I alternate between my 3 deep conditioners.

  • Shampoo with a sulfate shampoo since I don't shampoo wash often. Just to feel the!!
  • Do an overnight hot oil treatment.
  • Do an apple cider vinegar rinse.

We all do, don't we?

 I ask, why don't you try some of these things and see what results you get. Desire long hair because you can have it!! I BELIEVE!

There are a lot more things I would have loved to try out....such as prepooing and henna treatments but I haven't started because I feel my hair does not need it yet. I would also love to buy more products but I am putting myself in check in order not to become a product junkie! My hair is responding well to most of the products I purchased and have been using for at least 6 months now so unless I really need to, I have no intention of changing my products. I just need to add a hair repair product, clarifying shampoo and a styling serum or hair polisher and I'm done. 
I have a dream..........Soon and very soon!

If it ain't broke, I ain't fixing it!! Besides, sometimes less is more......



  1. Hi Stella, your regimen is of interest to me. Hw do you moisturise daily: ur own concotion, is it de glycerin we know that you use and hw did u get the aloe Vera gel since its difficult to get only de gel here in Ghana? About sealing; which oil are you talking abt; castor oil, olive, coconut? Can you recommend some products? Lets see your progress photos as well...

    1. I use my own spritz only when it is difficult for me to have access to my if it is in a sock bun or yarn braids. I gave the links to how I get my aloe vera gel (i make it myself), and the products i use in the post. Just click on the links or go to the "products and reviews" page. I use all those oils but depending on how my hair feels like, I use a lighter oil such as jojoba,almond or olive or heavier one such as castor or coconut oil. Pls check the photo gallery for my progress pixs..... cheers!


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