Thursday, 18 April 2013

Wash Day - 6 Weeks Post

After putting my little girl to sleep and watching TV for a while, I decided after 9pm...on my way to bed to wash my hair!! I posed this question to my hair in the mirror "Are you kidding me? At this time?"
Hhhahahhahhhahaha......yes, I speak to my hair and "she" insisted she needed a wash!! Thy will be done, I quickly opened the dresser where I keep my products and my eye fell on my Vitale Hair Mayonnaise first!!

 I'm sure you can guess the outcome of our conversation because in a few minutes, my hair was soaked in the deep conditioner and under my shower cap. My sister called a few minutes after and she was pleasantly shocked I was awake simply because I was waiting to wash my hair......Hhhahahhahha!! She is slowly catching the hair journey fever. I had to trim off about 2 inches of her hair because it was so damaged back then but 6 months later she can hold her hair in a nice ponytail. I believe her hair grows faster because it was only a little longer than ear length after the cut.

I did the wash in two sections and simply tied the braids together with elastic bands as I didn't want to risk any braids falling out this time. I first rinsed out the deep conditioner after 20 minutes and followed with my moisturising conditioner which I left in for 10 minutes and rinsed out. I then diluted one capful of apple cider vinegar in a pail of water and used this as my final rinse.

I wrapped my hair in an old T-shirt and after about 10 minutes, most of the water had been soaked. I air-dried using my fan and then massaged my "wonder hair food" into my scalp for 10 minutes. I finally moisturised and sealed and put on my scarf for bed.

Honestly, it is hard to tell which is new growth and which is relaxed hair as my new growth is less coily as the days go by. It feels so soft and silky, and looks very shiny too!!

Time check: It is 10:18 already...................... minutes later, I'm in dreamland!! 



  1. Six weeks already!It happens to me sometimes; I just wash if I feel like it regardless of the time.

    1. Say that again!! I had to recheck to be sure I was really 6!! Hmmmmm.....wash day fever.....such a welcome disease.

  2. so did u cowash your braids?

    nice post

    1. Yes....i used only the deep conditioners and acv rinse in this wash. No shampoos.

  3. Stella, can you do a post on porous hair and how to deal with it?

    1. Your wish is my command...........sure will!


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