Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How long will these braids last?

I'm quite sad about this protective style I got because though it is pretty, it may not survive a wash day without it being redone. Most of the twists at the back came loose just from my massaging, moisturing and sealing routine that I had to use my braid spray today. I passed by the salon and luckily met the hairdresser herself; the one who did these braids is her assistant, and she asked me to come after work for the braids to be redone. 

Check out the hair underneath the end of the braid as though it were new!!

The big problem is that I don't have time to spare in the evenings, especially not at a!! Besides, today is Wash Day!! So I guess I just have to wash my hair as planned today and hope just a few braids come loose. Luckily, I do have braiding skills and so far, all those I have redone are nice and tight. The trick is to part the real hair into three just as is done with the artificial hair when box braiding underneath. If the real hair is not parted , it is very difficult for the braid to stay in place as a slight pull is all it takes for the artificial attachment to slip off. 

I intend not to let this upset my hair care routine. I will wash my braids 2 times a week, moisturise and seal every morning, massage every morning and evening using T444Z 3 times during the week, and green house effect every night as usual using castor oil.

Hmmmmmmmmmm......I would really not want to sit through another braiding session!! Maybe a last resort would be to get these braids into a bun if I am unable to get it redone during the weekend. 

What do you think?


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