Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Braids coming out ..........

Hope you guys are not as tired and weary as I am this morning!! I feel like I run a marathon yesterday so I'm taking the day off from work!! But you know tiredness has never been in the way when it comes to my hair so I though very tired, I decided I can no longer bear these braids a day more....I'm undoing them right now. This may take up to 4 hours excluding detangling, deep conditiong and wash time!
This Amla Oil contains light mineral oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, octyl methoxy cinnamate, crinipan AD, Amla extract and perfume. Will research those "i don't know what they are" ingredients before I use this.

I will detangle the way I always do using water, conditioner and oil as shown in this video below and I will do a protein treatment with Vitale mayonnaise mixed with egg and this new Amla Hair Oil my sister  bought for me which contains coconut and jojoba oil  ........isn't she sweet? I really miss being under a hooded dryer so I'm looking forward to getting a rollerset at a salon close by. No... not the one where I had these braids. Going salon hunting after I undo my braids...!

Using braids as a protective style can do a lot of good in any hair regimen but this largely depends on your before, during and after hair care practices while having the braids. Your hair can experience major damage if you neglect any of these stages.

I'm going to have a busy month and I will get some braids again in a week or two. I've not had a weave in a long time but I'm considering braids again because it is very low maintenance as compared to weaves which may require styling every day and wash day.

 Will give you an update on my salon hunt.......wish me luck!!

Have you found that special stylist who is just a few minutes away?



  1. I so agree with you about how you care for your hair before, during and after installing braids couldn't have said it better. I have a stylist who is good with cornrows but her single braids and twists are not so good so I have found myself another one who does those. My cousin usually does my weaves when I am home even though I haven't had one in almost 2 years. All the best with the salon hunt! Or better still why not have it done at your place, I remember you mentioned in a post that you owned a salon or something like that...

    1. Yeah, some stylists just do not know it all.....I do have a great hairdresser at my salon but it is not close to my home...it is closer to my workplace so i go there only when i need to on workdays...but that has been just a few times to get braids and once for a relaxer....besides, it's just a rollerset i may get......and oh, it's a holiday tomorrow so i can go tomorrow instead....hhahhahaahha!!

  2. i totally gave up on finding a good stylist i can trust haha i wish you luck! and thanks for sharing about your braid takedown :)

    1. Hhehheehhe....good stylists are really rare but since we may need their services once in a while we cant help but keep searching till we find that special one!


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