Saturday, 6 April 2013

Wash Day: 4 Weeks Post

I can't believe I'm 4 weeks post already and I must confess I am disappointed with my new growth so far!! I don't see 1/2 inch new is probably 1/4 inch or less as I can't really see it though I can feel it when I massage my scalp. 

 There was only one thing missing in my regimen the past month and that was the use of T444Z Hair food for massaging my scalp as it was almost finished and I had almost no hope of getting more till June so I used it only once a week for my edges. I had to write this post yesterday but having heard T444Z was available in Ghana in Accra, I lost no time in getting one for myself and a few friends!! So happy was I that I used the last bit that was left to massage my entire scalp yesterday......hehhehhehhhehe!!

Last bit that was left...........
T444Z Reloaded....Zero to Hero!!
.....hhehehehhe....squeaky clean!!

Well, that was after I did my wash (too excited to wait to announce the GOOD NEWS!!).

This day, I did my wash a little differently, not because I wanted to but because I was too exhausted on Thursday night as I closed late from work and didn't wash when I took my shower but decided to do it eventually in order not to miss a wash which time it was almost 8:30pm. No kidding, I fell asleep while waiting to rinse out my deep!!

1. I cowashed with VO5 conditioner.
2. I deep conditioned with Vitale Hair Mayonnaise .....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mins....overnight! I must admit my hair looked extremely soft the next morning.
After applying deep conditioner

After overnight DC

3. Rinsed out conditoner and airdried with my!
4. I then massaged T444Z into my scalp, moisturised with SCurl and Ultimax; and sealed with Profectiv Mega Growth Oil.
5. I decided to finger comb after which I just held my hair up with clips.

Just held hair up .....i was running late for work by this time.

Before mositurising and sealing.

 I've decided to get braids today as my protective style for the month of April...and I will continue to follow my regimen the same way.........One thing that is going to change is the number of times I use my precious T444Z Hair Food. For faster hair growth, it is to be massaged into the scalp 3 times a day so this time with hope that the product has come to stay, I will use it 3 times a week instead of once and see how much growth I get this month.



  1. Hope i get hold of one soonest!

    1. Will surely place your name on the list for my next order!

  2. Hi Stella..your hair looks great!how much was the t44z?

    1. Thanks dear....doing the best I can to revive it. It was ghc60 from the distributor.

  3. Hi Star love your blog. Which do you find most effective for regrowth T444Z or JBCO

    1. Thanks....I must say if I had to choose, I would choose T444Z hair food. This is because, T444Z does all JBCO can do and more. Besides, JBCO can be substituted with regular castor oil which can be purchased from pharmacies throughout Ghana and is only 3.5ghc for a 75ml bottle. I have not yet found a substitute for T444Z yet; a product that has all the amazing ingredients it contains and works fast!

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