Friday, 3 May 2013

Rule to be Broken

After a disappointing roller set result, I had no option but to wash my hair again. I decided to do a homemade avocado and egg treatment since my hair had suffered enough in the past 3 weeks and it obviously needed some strengthening.

I mashed up some left over avocado and mixed it with an egg. Just as I was about to add some homemade oil mix, i decided to prepoo; something I have not yet tried out on my hair. Prepooing is simply what you do to your hair before shampooing with the intention of reducing the amount of stripping that your hair suffers from sulfates. Usually, this is done by applying oil to the hair and covering with a shower cap for some minutes, hours or overnight.

Put my girl's hair in braids too.....not bad for the very first time!

I warmed up the oil in a warm bath and massaged it into my scalp and then all over my hair. When it was well drenched, I covered it with a plastic bag and a shower cap. I left it in for a hour, and then I massaged my avocado and egg treatment over it. I covered again for 30 minutes and then proceeded to wash.

I rinsed everything out thoroughly. I loved the way my hair soft and silky, and finger detangling was a breeze. In fact, I almost didn't continue with the rest of my wash! I then shampooed, conditioned with my intense moisturising conditioner and then used an ACV solution as my final rinse. 

Guess what water I used? Rainwater!! It was awesome.....though cold. I immediately noticed a difference in the way the hair felt when I poured the water in it. It felt like I had already conditioned it. Very, very soft!! I'm pleased with the results of using rainwater in my hair. I was thinking my scalp may itch afterwards... but this morning, no itch, no smell, no!!

I may get braids on tomorrow...............Am I breaking any rules? It is usually best to wait a week or 2 before installing braids again but I am quite pressed for time these days, hustling between Tema and Accra sometimes 2 or 3 times a week...making some nice plans towards my big reveal..............

Hair, I really have to put you back in braids. I'm thinking about yarn will last longer and this time I can wash as much as I like since I will have all the time to allow it to dry.


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