Friday, 31 May 2013

Challenge: Braids Out Already

Braids undone!

My hair plans for the week changed. I was feeling quite uncomfortable in the braids as the new growth made it look like I had kept it in for months! I undid it yesterday and just completed my wash with my onion infused shampoo which is my new recipe to combat hair loss. I seemed to have lost a lot of length due to my frequent visits to several hairdressers in the past 2 months.

I didn't have much breakage as I detangled with conditioner and coconut oil. Thanks to ECG, with no lights to complete my wash, I left it in overnight. I washed with rainwater from start to finish but warmed a little to wash out the product to prevent buildup as I kept it in overnight. I used cold rainwater as my final 2 rinses. I did not ACV rinse or tea rinse as I didn't have any of those available. I have plans of getting back home to pick the products my sister left behind when she packed up my stuff for me. I will airdry my hair as usual and massage t444z hair food into my scalp for 5 minutes, use S-curl to moisturise and seal this time with Amla oil. 

I am getting my hair plans for June on paper and will share with you when I decide my do's and don'ts for the month. I think that will help to keep me in check as I'm getting less obsessed with my hair each day. This is probably also due to having less time, and also infrequent supply of water and electricity in my current residence. It is much easier to have a wash under a running shower. I'm not too fond of this pail and bucket order of the day!! I have to step up my game if I want to win this!!

How consistent have you been with your hair regimen?



  1. I don't believe youve lost might just be experiencing major happens to me when I have a lot of new growth...and when I get a relaxer...I'm amazed by the keep up true good work...I'm really hoping you don't experience postpartum seems to be real and really devastating....

    1. It would be nice if it is just shrinkage....... :)! For post-partum shedding, hmmmmmm..... just put my prayers to the fifth gear!!

  2. How often do you do your acv rinse? Also,Good luck on toning down the obsession. it's soooooooo hard! :-( !

    1. I do it every 2 weeks at not sure yet if it is a good idea to tea rinse and ACV rinse on the same day so I alternate between the two weekly. Obsession...........soooooooooooo hard getting over it really.


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