Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hair Goals for June

Hhahahhhahaha….. I just loved a message from a lady who mentioned how pleased she was to find me “trying so hard” to get healthy relaxed hair!!   Indeed, I have to try so hard now to get through my regimen each week (more failure than success these past 2 weeks) so I am going to make it a little easier on myself by setting monthly goals and based on my self assessment at the end of the month, I will tweak my practices to suit my hair needs only. 

             Hair Product Needs:
     1. Shampoo: I should finish my “onion” shampoo in my next wash or two so I need to buy one soon. I have plans of buying ORS Aloe Shampoo since it is clarifying.  I may purchase my favourite Crème of Nature Conditioning and Detangling shampoo as well if I find the small size.
     2.   Conditioner: I have V05 Herbal Escapes but my hair doesn’t like it. I will purchase ORS Replenishing Conditioner this time and see how my hair likes it.

          Hair Care Needs:
       1.       I will shampoo twice a month. Once with a clarifying shampoo and once with a moisturizing shampoo.
       2.       I will alternate between a protein treatment and a moisture treatment each week.
       3.       I will cowash at least twice a week and only airdry after my washes.
       4.       I will prepoo before every wash…be it a shampoo wash or a conditioner wash.
       5.       I will alternate between tea rinses and ACV rinses once every week.
       6.       I will green house effect every night using regular castor oil.
       7.       I will continue to drink at least 3 litres or more of water everyday. I simply fill a 1.5 litre bottle every morning and make sure it is used up by the middle of the day and then I refill it for the rest of the evening and night. I usually drink 250ml of water 30mins before and after meals.
       8.       My intake of fruits and vegetables may not be as high as before due to lack of easy access to a market. I don’t really like refrigerated fruits and vegetables but I will do my best to eat as much as I can these next few months. I drink fruit juice at least once a day.
        9.       I take prenatal vitamins once a day but mainly because of my baby, not really as a growth aid.

Caring for my hair under my wig.
I forgot to mention in the earlier post that the “onion shampoo” after use didn’t leave a horrifying stench on my hair. I also didn’t experience much breakage during detangling before and after my wash. My hair felt very dry though after I removed my braids probably because I didn’t wash or ghe for a whole week so I prepooed overnight. The new growth still feels dry and brittle so I have to get back into my cowash and ghe routine real fast before the worst happens.

New wig. Can you believe i'm deep conditioning underneath?
I want to minimize breakage as much as possible this year because I strongly believe that is the only way I can add any length to my SL hair. I just bought a wig, not really the style I had in mind but since it was bought on my behalf, I'll just have to manage with it till I get another. I keep my hair in 4 or 5 big braids after wash day and just slap on the wig when I need to go out which isn't much anyway. I intend to stretch 9 months but if at any point I can’t handle my new growth or experience serious breakage, I won’t hesitate to relax pronto.


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    1. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks...im just a sucker at styling short hair...lol!!


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