Thursday, 6 June 2013

Wash Day: Bucket Wash

I started my hair journey months ago and always washed my hair in the shower. I had always thought it was easier though it practically meant hopping in and out of the bathroom to wait out an applied product or rinse it out to apply another one. I washed once in the kitchen sink after reading about it and watching videos of others doing it. It wasn't bad but I wasn't too keen on washing in the kitchen sink too, maybe because it is a kitchen sink or because I had to use a bucket of water and pail because the tap is not detachable.... I just wasn't sure it was a good idea.

Now at my parent's place, with the taps almost never running, I had to use the bucket and pail but seriously forgot I didn't have to incorporate my wash into my!! I always climbed into the bathtub and washed my hair and had my bath as well.

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Thanks to Lydz of Crowning Glory for writing a great post, reminding me I can just tip my head over the bathtub and wash my hair without getting wet; just the way it is done in the kitchen sink....(silly me!!) and Abena Nyarkoah of Ghanaianemprezz for sharing it. She shares other ways of washing as well.


Where in your home do you wash your hair?



  1. You are most welcome:) And thanks for sharing with your readers as well!

  2. I remember when I moved into dorms and i tried to use my mom's device that turns a normal sink into one of those detatchable heads (weird explanation, I know), but it didn't fit that sink, so I just went about it in the shower, which is my preferred method.

  3. I use the shower. Even though hopping in and out can be annoying at times, I feel that the water running over and down cleanses better. Also, it's like a mini head massage, lol.


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