Sunday, 16 June 2013

Relaxer Stretch Reactivated

After using Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracle Worker on my hair and new growth this morning, combing through was much, much, much easier even without adding any oils!! Guess my homemade moisturizing spritz isn't moisturizing enough now!!

So...instead of that new bottle of relaxer, I'm gonna get a new bottle of this moisturizer instead.

STRETCH RELOADED !! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Any comments? 



  1. Hi Stella,
    In using the HS 14-1, do you put it just that into your hair or add something else? I don't have one myself but i get to "take some" from my mum's room every now and then. And i must say every time i have used it, combing was so easy.

    1. I now use it alone since it seems to work better for me this way now....and then I seal with profectiv mega growth oil or coconut oil........I usually use this as a moisturiser when I have a lot of knots and tangles and I have never been disappointed!

  2. YAY! I'm so happy that you found a product to moisturize your roots better!

  3. Hi! I have never tried that product before. I'm a recovering product junkie but I tend to stretch for long periods so I think I may have to try this on my next stretch! Thanks!

    1. Hhehhehehhe.....gud u're a recovering PJ, I'm a gearing-up one... lol!! But I have no doubt this is one of my staples...It is a great "everything it promises" and it always comes in handy when the stretch is getting tougher!!


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