Sunday, 12 May 2013

Wash Day 1: Yarn Twists


 HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all great mothers!!  

May our children always give us great joy and eternal happiness!!

Hot Oil Treatment
Don't you just love wash day?!!

Prepooing and tea rinsing are the latest additions to my wash day regimen but yesterday, too bad I gulped down all the tea at breakfast. I had wanted to brew a new batch but I remembered it wouldn't steep as long as I wanted being fully aware that it takes time for yarn to dry so I decided to skip it. I put my mixture of oils in hot water to warm it up and applied it thoroughly to my roots and the length of the braids. I covered with a plastic bag for 2 hours.

Washing Yarn Twists

I got into the shower and diluted shampoo with water to make it easier to lather in. I scrubbed my scalp with my fingertips for a while and rinsed out. I lather only once with shampoo. I then squeezed out as much water as I could and then soaked the braids in diluted conditioner. I left it in for about 5 mins and then rinsed out. I then used Apple Cider Vinegar solution as my final rinse. An old T-shirt was all I needed next. Turban-style with my old shirt it was for about an hour. By then, the water was no longer dripping so I left the yarns to airdry. After about 4 hours, it was about 70% I massaged my scalp with T444z and moisturised with S-curl. I must say it took this yarn much longer to dry than the last one I used to braid.....hmmmmmmmmmm....or is it the rainy weather ?

Moisturising and Sealing Yarn Twists

As you can see, the braids still look neat after all that! 
The ends which were initially in a bob have loosened due to the weight of the water but I don't mind. 

By almost 10pm, though the braids were not totally dry, I didn't mind as I GHE every night. I just sprayed the braids with African Pride Braid Spray, covered it with a plastic bag and my scarf and went to bed.

Have you ever tried the Green House Effect or Baggy methods for added moisture in your hair?


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  1. I recently started to do the GHE. I do at least 3 times a wk and I do it for both moisture and growth. I'm giving it the required 3 months before I label it a "staple". So far, feels good :-)


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