Sunday, 5 May 2013

My Cool Braiding Skills

I always loved to do stuff to hair. I remember way back in JSS, one of my older cousins and I were the hairdressers in my!! We used to wash, rollerset, style, and braid for my mum, aunt and cousins. I was her "senior apprentice" and even tugged along when she had clients outside our home. She learnt the art while she was awaiting her exam results and was so good at it that she was invited to braid for the neighbours at a fee. I quickly learnt from her........ I wasn't a bad stylist so I got to continue in her footsteps after she left for school mainly for my family members because I was in school then.

By the time I was completing  SSS, most of my cousins had left for the university and I was preparing for exams so our "home salon" went out of business. Also, a salon opened close by so everyone sort of just patronised the services there......before then, the closest salon was more than a 20 minute walk away. There were no taxi or trotro services on the school campus where we lived so you had no option but to walk long distances to access services.

My sister came to visit this weekend and she coaxed me into braiding cornrows for her. Hmmmmm.... I didn't want to at first because I thought I will just end up undoing it all again and then she'd have to go to the salon eventually....but no amount of convincing was enough to get her to budge as she had already positioned herself in front of me. She was convinced I still had the!!

Well, I got to work and I must say though I found it easy to braid from the right to the left, but it was hard remembering how to braid from left to right..... so i styled the braids in a way that allowed me to braid only leftwards....(hairdressers' secrets) ......... haahhahaaaahahahhaa!!

End results........................  not bad huh?!! Used a wide tooth comb only for the parts. I try not to touch the blue tail comb at all nowadays!!

Cute Cornrow Style.

A lot more practice and I'm surely going to get perfect at cornrows again!! Trust me, I've got good hands................hahhahahhahhahhaha!!

Have you ever installed braids,cornrows, or weaves for anyone before?


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