Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Care to Share: Meet Priscilla!

Hello! My name is Priscilla Dwomoh. A lot of people just call me Maame, though. I am a university graduate who is currently undertaking her national service. I love food, good music, my BFF, and of course, hair!

Tell us about your hair : I am currently transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair and I am one year into my transition already. Yay!! My hair is of the highly porous, thick stranded, medium density variety. It is a tad protein sensitive and just thrives on moisture. It responds well to thick butters and creams and absolutely hates gels. It is gradually warming up to me and soon we’ll be friends! Lol!!


Tell us about your hair journey ….. when you started: Officially, my journey started on the 12th of January 2013 but that’s just to put a date to it. I initially decided to transition because I really didn’t like the way hairdressers here handled hair. I felt they were killing my hair and I wasn’t allowed to say anythingL. So when I discovered transitioning was an option, I literally had a “Hallelujah!” moment. Even before I decided to transition, I had been inadvertently stretching my relaxers for the sole reason that I hated my hairdressers. I stretched 3, 4 months at a time just so I could avoid them. Plus they were sooooo scissor-happy!! Sheesh! Anyway, when I decided to transition I had about 3 months’ worth of new growth. Also around that time, I had become curious about hair colour. So on my official start date, I relaxed and dyed my hair. And I cut it evenly to top of neck length. Notice the relaxing and dyeing took place the same day? Humph! That’s what you get when your stylist doesn’t know enough to be able to advice you on how damaging that is. SMH!! So yeah, that’s why we’re here one year later. Woohoo!

Your regimen, preferably daily, weekly or monthly: My regimen is quite simple. I try to moisturise and seal every day (Naturally, I skip some days). I used to wash and deep condition weekly but I recently decided to tweak that. So now I go 2 weeks if my hair doesn’t feel dirty after a week. I do an ACV rinse every time I take out a protective style. And that’s it I think. O, and I’m constantly experimenting twists and updo styles. I try one every week or so if I can and my hair is out. I’m obsessed with updo’s. Unfortunately my hair not so long yet so there’s not a lot I can try. But soon…. O yes, soon……   

     Products you use: LOL! I think it should be products I’ve settled on, rather. I am a recovering product junkie and there’s so much in my stash as you can see and that’s just about half of it. But after trying so many, there are quite a few I’ve settled on;

       Shampoo – Gliss by Swarzkopf Oil Nutritive Shampoo with Liquid keratin and protein
       Regular conditioner – VO5 and Garnier Fructus Conditioner 
              Leave in conditioner – Giovanni
     Deep conditioner – Vitale hair mayonnaise. I do not use this alone however. I mix it with honey, regular conditioner, some oils, and coconut milk if I have that on hand. 
            Moisturiser – Water, some oils and sometimes aloe Vera juice. 
        Oils – any I can get my hand on. I currently have olive, castor, black castor, jojoba, amla, vitamin e, grapeseed and coconut oils.  
             Essential oils – Peppermint and Grape fruit 
             Gels – None I care to mention. They don’t work for me 
              Butters – Whipped Shea butter and Elasta qp Olive oil and Mango butter moisturiser 
            Styling creams – My butters double as my styling creams. They are very moisturising but have no hold for my hair type. So my twists don’t last long unless I keep redoing themL. I can’t seem to find any to buy so I welcome all suggestions for this category


Your ultimate and December goals: My goal for this December is have hair that extends to my chin from my crown. Lol! I know that’s not a regular description but that’s exactly what my heart desires. Ultimately, BSL would just make me ecstatic! And if that doesn’t turn out too well, I guess I’ll always have healthy hair to compensate.

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